The Patient Knows Best: What is narrative medicine?

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What was it like when you last went to see a health practitioner? Did you feel rushed? Perhaps you felt like just another number, or that you were treated like you didn't matter. How about the way you felt about being able to discuss your symptoms, or reason for visiting the practitioner? People tend to report feeling as though they were not listened to or that their needs were not taken into account when they were talking with their doctors.

Reversing these ideas in the field of medicine has been the chief goal of Rita Charon with her program at Columbia University known as "Narrative Medicine." Narrative medicine requires the doctor to listen to the patient's needs and the narrative, or story, behind what brought the patient to see the practitioner. People are important, and healing always begins with the patient. Doctors are simply there to assist the patient's body/mind in healing itself. Thus, being able to listen with compassion to the patient's background is extremely important.

Join me in today's episode as I discuss this topic further!

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Cannabis hashtag was an accident... Had a previous post I was working on that I cleared out but forgot to clear and change the tags... My bad...

Too true, there’s an utter lack of bothering to listen to the patient in lots of aspects of modern ‘medicine’. Too many doctors think they know best and just dictate off things they see on the website they are looking at to explain your symptoms. (Often funded by pharmaceutical companies)

Yeah, it’s really unfortunate to see how medicine has become this cookie cutter dictation from doctor to patients. I learned of this in one of my classes at a naturopathic medical school and it was intriguing because all of us in the class were wondering why it’s not something taught regularly at MD universities. On the bright side, at least now it’s a thing and is gaining grounds. :)

This is so important, I didn't know it had a name. :-) Focusing on the idea that the patient has the power to heal, and the healer(s) are there to assist them in their own healing journey is priceless. In consulting for a new concept of Healing Centers, this idea came up, with a round table of practitioners who all meet about the patient and share information. It was discussed to have very empathetic and compassionate people do the intake for every patient, and always be assigned to them. They would also sit in on round table meetings with the Dr.'s, to be able to share the personal info and details like you suggest. Brilliant!

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Cannabis Hashtag FTW!

Love it!

And hate doctors! Had really hard pain for years and didnt get any help..

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I’m applying for that program and nobody ever knows what I’m talking about !!

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