Steem Cannafest 2020 ree& Unboxing the chillum from @jonyoudyer

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!!!Attention all Cannabis enthusiasts!!!

@canna-curate is putting together the next Steem Cannafest for 2020. The date is set for June 20th, 2020 and is to be held at the same place: The NW Cannabis Club.

Entry fee is $20 which gets you a lifetime membership to the NW Cannabis Club and a Portland area discount card for specific dispensaries partnering with NW Cannabis Club. The only other costs are your own travel, lodging, and foods.

There is always plenty of cannabis to go around. We encourage attendees to bring some herb to share, but nobody will be turned away!

Also, I recently won a give-away by @jonyoudyer of the @canna-curate team where the prize was a free chillum. Join me in the video as I open the package and talk about Cannafest. Be sure to check LAST YEAR'S CANNAFEST photographs in the recent post about the upcoming event.

NOTE: In the video I said June 6th, that is wildly incorrect and it is on the 20th of June.

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We are going to make Steem Cannafest 2020 a priority since we missed it last year. One day or how many days does it last?

It is just one evening(about 6 hours). Last years was such a wonderful time, I really hope to see you make it!

Thank you. We will.

So glad you got it! Mad love for the shout out. Cant wait to hang out with you again at SCF 2!

Yeah bro! Thank you:) I appreciate all you do for this blockchain and the people here! Thoroughly excited for SCF2:)

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