Federal Legalization of Cannabis Successfully Passes Vote in House Committee

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The house committee yesterday approved legislation which would legalize cannabis federally in a historic vote.

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Over 75% (321-103) of the house voted to approve this bill. The new legislation is called the MORE (Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement) act. This legislation aims at descheduling cannabis federally, expunging criminal records, and implementing a 5% tax which will be used to help fund programs to rehabilitate communities most affected by prohibition.

This is absolutely phenomenal news! We are seeing extremely large changes shifting at the federal level even if this bill does not make it past congress and fails to become a law. We are actually looking at rehabilitating affected communities through the damage inflicted through systemic abuses. The last time this was even considered (and poorly executed) was with reparations for those affected by slavery. This concept brings a much more socialistic position to our country as we use the system to better heal and reconstruct our communities in order to better succeed and improve qualities of life.

Join me in today's episode as I discuss this legislation and what it could potentially do for our country, and perhaps the world.

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Good news, everything that does not harm other people should be legalized. It's one step in the right direction and has always been an overstep in government over reach, no different than Bitcoin gambling or any other activity where fully grown adults can reach their own conclusions.

Spreading this news is good to help pressure people and governments alike to live free lives.

It truly is great news ! The government’s hubris is clear as day when information is made available. They want control over every aspect of society, but that’s just not possible. Funny they think they can stop crypto gambling when the idea behind crypto is typically anonymity lol

They are a crazy entity which lacks incentives from the ground up and operates in many different directions with many different intentions. And ultimately, their primary goal is power which is never typically in alignment with it's own citizens.

This truly is amazing news! Even if it doesn't pass, as you said, it's still a huge breakthrough. I never thought I'd see it happen in my lifetime.
Of course, being quite cynical these days, I have to wonder why now.
It's possibly just for votes... bill sponsored by Kamala Harris...

Her sister is a member of the CFR and whatever is prompting this move, whatever THEY'RE thinking, may it blow up in their face.

That does seem likely that this will not serve them well but it will benefit the people, no question in my mind.

Other thinking says that it's become apparent that cannabis usage can't be stopped at this point and they either allow the people to get used to thumbing their nose at Federal law or decriminalize it so it looks like they're still in control.

Under that scenario, it might just pass.

I definitely agree that they need to maintain the illusion of control which would lead them to ultimately legalizing cannabis federally. One of the things that really strikes me as interesting though is that they are looking at rehabilitating communities which have been most affected. To me, this speaks from a different place than maintaining the illusion of control. But who knows LOL

Yes, that is interesting indeed. State benevolence? It does raise an eyebrow as it's out of character. The control is incomplete and may they be losing ground. :)
How's the grow coming along?

Right? Maybe we’re seeing something extraordinary. Maybe we’re seeing a distraction. 🤷‍♀️

The grow.. ugh. Turns out, indoor growing is significantly more difficult than outdoor lol 😂 been making a lot of adjustments, for one my light was too close. Got some light damage, but it’s starting to bounce back. About to put them in their largest pots so I can start stress training early before throwing up a net later.

Yours ?

I think they're doing well as far as I can tell. There's 4 branches that really shot up while I was on vacation and all I really changed was to turn off the bloom switch.

I thought you were supposed to leave them both on, don't think so now.

trying to chronicle as much as I can to fine tune the next grow. not scientific I know

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