Making Bubble Hash with Micron Filter Bags and 707 Headband Buds

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I had some untrimmed 707 Headband buds from last year's harvest, so I purchased some reuseable Micron Filter Bags for making Bubble Hash.


The filter bags get stacked with the finest filter at the bottom. The bucket with a hole in the bottom gets lined with filter bags, the mixing bucket is filled a quarter of the way with 707 Headband buds.


Ice and water poured into mixing bucket, mixed with the drill mixer. The ice water loosens the trichomes from the buds. After 15 minutes of mixing and chilling, the iced and mixed buds are poured into the filter bags lining the bucket.


The first bag is lifted while the bag is squeezed to push as much liquid as possible through the filter and into the next bag. The remaining material is saved to run through again with the next batch. Each bag after that is lifted until the liquid has filtered down and the solid hash is collected.


The hash is placed on a screen to be folded over and squeezed to desired dryness.


As the bag filters get smaller and smaller, the quality of hash is finer.


I'm going with low, mid, high, and premium. Lots of high grade hash from these 707 Headband buds.


Packed in tin foil, labeled with painters tape, ready for future blazing.

Have a great day!


Oh hell yes! I need to find my bubble bags. Been so long since ive had some bubble hash! =)

So tasty! - I've been enjoying adding a little to a bowl or blunt with some buds, makes for a solid smoke with that touch of hash hype :)

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