Cannabis Dried and Cured in 24 Hours with Freeze Drying being Adopted + Rolling an 'L' with Blackberry Brandy Papers

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I rolled up an 'L' with Blackberry Brandy Papers for the weekly Thursday Roll Up Broadcast on the Canna-Curate Discord last week. Cushioned relaxation with a slight haze, euphoric rush, and decent motivation. I was reading an article the other day about freeze dried and cured cannabis buds in 24 hours - with comparable compound retaining results to the classic 4+ week drying and curing method, and with improved bud appearance, it seems to be a win for cannabis producers and consumers.


707 Headband buds and a little Headband hash for the 'L' roll up, you can see how the two 1-1/4 size papers are stuck together to form a king size length paper that's in the shape of an 'L'. The Headband 707 buds have a cheerful and cushioned, any time of day buzz, with a light haze and decent motivation. The buds have a sweet fruity citrus, bright skunky pine zest flavor - a tasty pairing with the Blackberry Brandy flavor papers.

IMG_20200515_174008~2.jpg Freeze Drier Image Source

Cannabis Freeze Drying and Curing Method takes only 24hrs

With cannabis being legalized around the world for both recreation and medical uses, cultivators of cannabis have been adopting the freeze dried and cured buds in 24 hours method to gain improve production time and costs, and improved bud appearance, to have an edge on the competition. Before medical cannabis was legal in Arizona, Mr. Delong, the operator and founder of Botanique Preservation Equipment, was preserving flowers, herbs, and other plants for florists, botanical professionals, and plant collectors for almost thirty years. When medical cannabis came to Arizona, it wasn't long before Delong started freeze drying and curing cannabis. He had poor results at first, with too many of the THC, CBD, and terpenes being lost during the process, but after tweaking he managed to match the compound loss levels similar to the classic 4+ week cannabis hang drying and curing method. The process is able to vaporize the moisture before it freezes - this preserves the natural looks and colors of the buds, and the appearance is pristine when compared to the quality of the classic drying and curing method (Source). With potentially only 24 hours from harvest to market, and a superior quality appearance to the finished product, I can see why many companies are adopting this technology.


The 'L' Roll Up

I went with the Blackberry Brandy liquor flavor papers for the 707 Headband 'L' roll up. Sweet blackberry brandy aroma and flavor from the extra lightweight hemp fiber papers. Liquor flavor papers are some of my favorites, the slightly spicy and sweet pungency combines well with most cannabis strain flavors. King size OCB cone roller for this roll up.


Sweet pungent fruity citrus zest flavor from the 707 Headband Bubble Hash, packed with flavor and that extra THC zing.

Candy-like sweet blackberry brandy, slightly pungent, bright skunky fruity citrus zest flavor. Cushioned relaxation with a slight haze, euphoric rush, and decent motivation. The 707 Headband buds have been a solid staple for me, I'd smoke the in the morning, afternoon, or evening.


Know Your Local Laws, Contact a Doctor for Medical Advise.


Have a great day!


Oh shit! Never heard about this as a way to cure smokeable flower. I wonder if it is expensive at first?

A little one, like the one pictured above is priced at $27,000 USD, yikes, doesn't seem priced yet for the home or small startup .. .. I'm not sure if i've had any freeze dried buds before - have had some popcorn buds that are like brittle styrofoam and just break apart, I thought maybe those were them, but it might just be the strain and quality classic dry/cure that made the buds like that.

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