5 days until the full moon Harvest!! 4 plants, Lots of BUD!

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Well. Its been a while since I posted anything Ganja related, and guess why? Because since June there hasnt been anything even worth smoking, let alone to post about!

It was much better when the Police where bringing good hash into Norway and then they had to stop, and then there was some good stuff, and now it seems that monkeys have taken over the hash trade here and decided to stop the good stuff!
Luckily for me I have my outdoor plants that I grew over the summer and they are at a place flowering and are in the 7th week! I get half of the harvest as agreed with the guy whos place I used to flower them at, but still, I will have plenty to smoke after these bad months of nothing around to buy. Of course as soon as the weed is smokable, there will suddenly be every guy on the street selling top quality hash again...- Thats just how it goes!

  • Lights Used : 2 x 400w HPS & 1 x 1800w (its more like a 600 or 800w it seems)

  • Soil : Mix of Cow shit enriched soil, Compost soil, Chicken shit, Blood mehl (Dried slaughter house blood) and Bio Buzz Grow and Blume.

They are being grown in 100L baskets, started them off in May. Found a bit of mold 3 days ago but that was due to a Fan stopped working so there was no air flow in one corner.

Would you like to see these Beautays?!

They stretched a lot whilst outside as I could arrange to move them before the sun dipped behind the trees causing them to stretch, and then indoors whilst flowering they stretched a shit load more !


I had to take this pic whilst the lights were off to catch the colours of the Blueberry Cheese, the main plant in the pic. It has got cold there which causes the colours sometimes, and we tried to fit a heater but the heater dont work. Need to get another but as they are so close to harvest it should be ok.

I am a huge lover of indica, I only smoke weed to relax with so all these strains are indica pure or dominant.

The blueberry cheese and the GSC had the pleasure of sharing the LED light and it seems it did an ok job for flowering, although I know under a 400w Hps they would have done better with fatter buds.



This must be the Royal Special Kush. I wasn't sure because i dropped a seed whilst labeling the starting pots and so it was either that or a Punky Lion, But i see now what is what. Just as the Hps was starting up..



Some seriously fat buds on this Beautay..

Royal Special Kush


..If the hand wasn't enough of a scale, here's a shot with a Bic Lighter!


Punky Lion

.... What a fitting name, I have bent them away from the lamps because they grew to high!


The GSC Girl Scouts Cookie

There's only one clear shot and away she more "Quality over Quanity" hahahaah!


Royal Super Kush Left, Blueberry Cheese Right..


There is a piece of the Royal Kush drying as it was mold so it got that part cut off the plant. The good bits are getting dried to smoke in a few days as I am quite desperate to smoke something nice.


Edit: I just realised as I smoke some of the dry bud that was part moldy, that its Royal Special Kush 1, sorry for calling its Special Haze most likely all along as I even wrote that on the pots hahahha! I have corrected this post atleast..

Next post will be the harvest!

Big Love and Abundance



Happy harvest Buddy.
Loving all the colours. Some serious growing going on there.
The police use to bring weed into Norway, did I read that right? 😁😎

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I cant wait ! Its not so serious, its just lamps and airfilter and some fans replicating sun and wind 😀

I just took some clones in from outside to keep them alive long enough to flower after this, or to give to people 😆

This link was when it was good hash in oslo..


edit: Im not actually sure that was even the latest one

Niiiiiice bro! Im 26 days away from harvest 🥺 hurricane dorian pushed back my harvest over two weeks! Fml..

Dam! I remember you had a greenhouse? Haha is fml Fuck My Life? Thanks man, Im looking verrrry much forward to it

Yeah, fml does me fuck my life lol and yes i do have a greenhouse! Unfortunately a greenhouse doesnt help in a hurricane so i had to take it down and bring my plants inside for over a week while also manipulating their light cycle cuz the humidity was insanely high for nearly 2 weeks!! Last years hurricane humidity caused bud rot in some of my plants so i waited for it to dissapate after the hurricane this year which pushed my time back over 2 weeks and caused my plants to get fucking huge in veg! LoL. So now my plants are 5 feet tall and fucking massive! Prolly gonna get around 6 ounces on each.. x 12 😜

Haha a couple extra weeks veg will be worth it! I was going to say that the greehouse couldnt have survived 😆I remember last years probs you had too.. I made sure to trim off all the bottom shit savigly this time around well before flowering and im happy with that more harder approach 😀

i need to post more pics of the lst results. That royal haze plant is awesome and loved it

Yeah, the few extra weeks didnt hurt 😜 i definitely learned from last years hurricane lol.. here is a few photos of my grow, of course today is rainy and shitty so these pics dont really do them justice.. But yeah, here are my babys..

wow! Thats looking sicko 😀 are you weiging in pounds?

Yeah, I'm weighing in pounds.. I'm thinking this should be at least 3, that would mean 4 ounces per plant... But I'm hoping it's more than that! lol. I guess only time will tell.. ;)

nice! like over 40oz dry?!

are they in 11 liter pots?

i think they are prolly closer to 15 liters pots.. i suck at the metric system so I could be wrong.. Appearently us dumb-ass americans think we are to good to be on the same measurement system as everyone else! 😂🤣😂

lol! definatly something the founders took from the island cos we are well fucked up on units of measuring 😂

Damn it looks good. I miss those days when I had my special room in London.

Am also big fan of the Indica strains.

Great idea harvesting on the full moon. Never thought of such things back then.

Hi! Where are you based now? I guess its pricey in london these days!

here its costing nearly 20squids a gram, if you can find it! Ill go back to spain soon next year instead 🤣

added on : The full moon wasnt conciously intentional but it is then 8weeks to the day. So far BC and the haze will be ready then

Currently based in the South of France, near Spanish boarder, but living in a house which is under the village mayor! And with two kids now, things are a bit different. We know plenty of local growers anyway.

Enjoy the full moon ;)

Hahaha shhhh secret gardens are called a secret for a reason 😅


Let's meet some times in our future

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never say never!

I've chosen ur post for the new @tipu curate project! ;)
I also @tipu nominate you ;)

let's see what happens^^


hahaha thanks!

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