Outdoor grow and greenhouse update!!!

in #canna-curate2 years ago


The UBC chemos are still loving life outside they got topdressed and a light leaf stip today


The northern light fast seeds are showing some nice growth since being put outside. They also had a topdress and light leaf strip today


And now onto the gelatos nowhere near the size of the other girls but considering the shape they were in from the fungus gnats when I put them out I am more than happy with how they are looking.


The greenhouse is doing its job I had to cut some holes and add some fans for the hot days. The day after everything was planted we got hit with a good hailstorm along with a good 5 more throughout the summer so it was definitely worth the time and money.


Your cannabis plants are looking really good!
Is there a specific reason for the pots to have all those "spikes" sticking out of them? They're certainly interesting looking...
It looks like your greenhouse garden is doing well.

Yea there air pots those spikes have little holes in them when the roots hit them they airprune and shoot more roots back into the pot rather then spiral around the side of the pots. And thank you

That makes sense, I can see how that would work.

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