Garden Update. Keeping Busy In Quarantine

in #canna-curate3 years ago

Got some clones cut and the bud plants trimmed up

Lights: Optic 1 veg COB LED grow light 54 Watt 5000k, Spider Farmer SF-600, Vivosun 2ft 4 Lamp 6500k T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light, Electric Sky ES180
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About to take some cuts myself, wish I had a nice setup like you got there!

Nice what are you cutting? Yea I slowly pieced everything together if I would have known I was going with that many tents I would have just bought a 4x4 and 3x3


This is a f1 cross of Steem og x kandy kush. I’m aiming to flip it by end of week

Right on man looks noce and healthy. I just got my plants back on track i was working out of town and had to have someone watch them and things went downhill lol

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