Garden Update!!!!

in #canna-curate3 years ago


The mainline is coming along nice and man it has been one of the coolest things to watch grow


I was a little late on the top dress on the one plant in bud but she should come back in a week or so got a little bit of leaf stipping done too.


I got the Northen lights transplatted and I should be able to start there mainline in a week or so. The veg tent is getting a little packed. I only plan on having 2 plants in there at a time but getting that chemo clone messed with my cycle a little bit


I flipped the Chemo into bud today for some reason no matter what I do with this plant I cant seem to get the leaves to go tip up and I need the tent for the do-si-does so no more veg lol


I put the clones and there pete pucks into pots there in rough shape pretty sure I pulled the dome off to early so heres hoping they bounce back if not I'll be running autoflowers outside this years and my friends will be shit out of luck for clones



Exceptional training job you have man! Great post too.

Thanks man going to be interesting how much i get off her

I see you have a humidifier. Me on the other hand needs a dehumidfier! lol. Grow looking great!

Yea man luckily where i live its dry as hell so i can get away with just the huidifier.

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