Finished my first BHO run

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I finished my first BHO run. I ran 28g of GG#4 I blasted using 1 full can of butane. My first blast I let it sit in the tube for 10 min, 2nd 20 min and the 3rd 30min. Cooking the butane out I try not to let the griddle get above 85°F to Preserve the terpene profile. I then scrape up the product and dissolve it in ever clear 1oz per 1g of product. I then put it in the freezer for 24-48hr to winterize. I then strain it through a coffee filter taking out the fats and waxes and any impurities. I pour what's left into a glass container and let a USB fan blow over it for 24-48 hours letting the ever clear evaporate out. It then goes in the vacuum chamber for 40-50hrs. I set the heat on the chamber at 80°F to allow for temperature swings on my heat mat so the chamber never gets over 85°. I keep the pressure in the chamber at 27HG. With all of that I was able to achieve a nice glass like product with an amazing terpene profile.


Looks bomb man!

Thanks man. Tured out so good nice calming high with a slow onset and the terpene profile is amazing.

That's awesome bro, i usually just make ice has but maybe I'll try this next time!

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Yea man honestly so impressed with how it turned out

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