Built a greenhouse

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Sometimes I overload myself with projects so making posts falls on the back burner. One of those projects is the greenhouse.
Material list:
2x10 x 12 feet - 4
2x10 x 10 feet - 2
2x4 x 12 feet - 4
2x4 x 10 feet - 4
2x4 x - 8 feet - 3
1x2 x 8 feet - 5
3/4 pvc conduit - 8
6 mill poly
2 hinges
3 inch screws
2 inch screws


securing the conduit we just drilled holes through the conduit and screwed right through it


The 3 plants on the ground 2 are UBC chemo and the one with the cloche is a blue dream auto flower



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Building a GREEN HOUSE is what we are all about!

Absolutely bad ass! I would have to point out you may not post a lot, but when you do, you do not disappoint. Quality over quantity any day!

UBC Chemo sounds nice. Is that a chemdog cross?

Thanks, man, yea man I figure if I can't post that much I might have some good stuff when I do. The UBC chemo is the strain that got snuck out of the University of British Columbia for chemotherapy patients you can only get it as a clone and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one😁

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