Join Us Tonight!

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Tonight at 7pm PST join us in the Canna-Curate Discord with special guest @mustafreeman. He lives in the African country of Ghana, who just recently legalized cannabis for health, and industrial purposes. Cannabis has been apart of the culture in Africa, way before America was even a country! So this has huge implications, and our guest has big plans. Looking foreword to what he has to say. If we can get another business on the block chain, then that is just a win win.


But first, join us at 6pm before the Jon and Blunt Show, for the The Roll Up, with @mraggaj!






All up inside of me!!

By inside of you, I hope you mean inside of Discord, lol!!

Must is on?!! No way! He is one of my favorite people doing charity on the blockchain. I'll be there!

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