GHRO, Canna-Curate, Back As One!

in #canna-curate3 years ago (edited)

Hello my Block Chain crazies! It has been to long. But the time has come! Green House Radio Online is back in the Canna-Curate Discord. Our mission is to educate, entertain, but most of all, UNITE! With all the fighting in the world, and the fighting on the block chain, it is good to have a space where all bull shit is put aside. GHRO and Canna-Curate is that place. We are always looking for DJ's, for any topic. Just hit us up in the Discord.


List of shows

In between shows bless your ears with RADIO Eclectic, earfood curated by our man @Mondoshawan






Good to see you back in town and back on air...

Thanks Pennsif! Great to see you still browsing Steem. We plan to stick around, and try to build our community back up. We have some big plans, :)

Good to hear. Will you be operating just on Steem or on Hive as well?

Im sure we will promote on Hive.

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