Special stage 3 underway

Stage 3 of my germination is underway with both seeds being placed in Jiffy pots and under lighting, The light i am using is a cheap Chinese one which would be worth around $50 USD but it does the trick nicely

Below are the Jiffy pots dry which are just like discs until you start adding water then they swell up, The green tray has a clear lid which i mist up to help create a glasshouse effect

Normally takes around 5 minutes for them to suck all the water up, then using tweezers i put the seed inside and lightly cover, i am hoping these will sprout up in a couple of days as my mate is coming to grab them on the weekend - no pressure :)

We have a super sunny day here so i might go outside a pull a cone or three :0

All pics are mine

I am @dr-autoflower



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