SOIL plus New FAN with Twins = CREAMY

My new plastic inline fan was waiting for me when i got home from work, i also checked to see if the other sweet cream auto had popped up and it had!



Here are the individual babies both looking very healthy and ready to go into their 18L pots with some new soil.


The new fan takes up less room and is far quieter than the other one, it does not have a variable speed controller like the previous two inline fans i have had - i never did use the variable control on those ones anyway


After filling both pots i noticed how free flowing this mix is compared to the normal potting mix i have been using when i lifted the pots i was amzaed at how light they felt :)

here is the bag after i opened it


So lets see how this new soil goes

Time for a cone i think




What kind of soil is the new one. I use promix HP works great very light. But stock is out all over Soni got some other promix and it is not light. Takes a ton water to get wet.

Do you add more purlite at all?

i asked the guy @ the hyrdo store and he said there is enough perlite in this mix,

its got peat, perlite, lime & worm castings.

no bark either, when i poured it out of the bag it flowed beautifully compared to what i have been using.

cant wait to see how it goes :)

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