Next Weekend

So with us being able to travel and my mate finishing his grow a couple of weeks back, its time for him to come visit next weekend and it gives him a chance to get a couple of new seedlings which i will get ready for him

Whats on the menu?

Well due to some worldwide virus and not been able to order any new seeds i am left with these two strains, i have other Femisnied seeds but my mate wants Auto's

Both of these strains i got from Seedsman and i am currently growing the Amnesia haze, haven't grown any Sweet cream yet so that will be interesting

So i need two glasses of water for these to go into with one needing to be labelled, its called Sweet cream not sweet Chilli mofo!!


These will stay in water for 24 hours then they can go into a snap-lock bag for a couple of days, hopefully they will sprout in time for next weekend.

Its Sunday here today and we have another sunny day, don't know where winter is yet?

All pictures and seeds are mine

I am @dr-autoflower



You ever get any male autos? If so you should breed! That would be cool. Then you can put your picture in the packs! 👨‍⚕️

nah no males but on the odd occasion one may not go into flower, yeah my face on the packs!

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i hope they leave the delegation with you longer :)

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