Haze Frosting underway

My Amnesia haze Auto-flower is still trucking along & is starting to frost up nicely, this should be done in 30 odd days give or take. This Auto is on a 24 hour light schedule - no darkness!


The buds are starting to look really good and the next few weeks hopefully they will fatten up into big nugz :)

I haven't grown this strain before and have just got a new Haze seedling ready for my mate to collect this weekend, He also has a Sweet Cream Autoflower seedling to grab as well

The plant itself is looking healthy and is loving the liquid nutrients i am feeding it every 2 days, this strain also loved the LST i did on it.


And speaking of nutrients i must go and give this one a feed :), its Saturday here today and we have a sunny day so i better mow the fecking lawns as well :/

Have a great day everyone

All pictures and plants are mine

I am @dr-autoflower



Damn it’s already Saturday there!! Lol

yeah saturday already, i wish Mon - Fri went as quickly a Sat/sun do!

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Thank you very much @steemcurator04

Have a super day

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