Gave two Got two

The two strains of Autoflowers i got ready for a mate have been collected after a wild night of Extract joints & beers :)
My mate got down late yesterday and we just got on it as much as we could, this morning he has left with his brand spanking new Autoflower seedlings,

He also brought two different new strains with him for me, this one below is one he grew outdoors this last summer but he does not know what strain it is, so we have called it unknown strain LOL. It smells great and is firm as!


This one is a Green Shark Autoflower he just finished growing which was not as good yield wise as previous Green Sharks he has grown, Its Sticky as and smells great so i am not complaining :)

He also brought a piece of Edible Caramel slice which i ate an hour or so ago and am feeling quite good as i type :)

Anyway i better go, have a hazy day everyone

All pictures are mine

I am @dr-autoflower



Damn I was getting down not seeing much cannabis posts today, and now I see a few after I do a post! 😂😂

murphy's law

you should do a daily post then haha

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