Back in Business

A couple of days ago i decided to help the world economy by purchasing some more seeds, i have sort of run out of Autoflower seeds so i thought time to order some.

I got a good deal on some Jack Herer Autoflower seeds from Seed Supreme which are the left picture, on the right is the other strain i got called Thunder Haze!

Screenshot (376).jpg.png

here are the links to both of them, the cost for this order is around $65 usd

I these to get an offsite grow fired back up as its lay dormant for the past two weeks, wink wink

unnamed (1).jpg

Getting the correct equipment for the clones to go into would have hopefully made a difference :)

its Sunday morning here around 11.00am so i think its tie for a dab, actually another dab lol

Hope you are all blazing hard
all pictures are from the seed supreme website

I am @dr-autoflower



Keep on growing and spreading the beautiful green

thanks i plan to :)

The feminised JH my mate grew and we turned into extract hit me like a train...hopefully this auto version is similar :)

Thanks for helping the economy!

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