Legal Cannabis - Which country will be next?

in #canna-curate5 years ago

First it was Uruguay to make the bold step to fully legalize cannabis in their country, now Canada has joined the exclusive Cannabis Countries Club as of two weeks ago. Their government just passed Bill C-45 also known as the Cannabis Act with a vote of 52 - 29 in the Senate. This historic passing of the bill will pave the way for more countries and their governments to follow suit and join the Cannabis Revolution. The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau announced the date that full legalization comes as October 17th 2018. Canada predicts they could see as much as $4.3 billion generated in the first year of sales as a result of legalization. Now the important question, who will be next? The United States has many formidable bills currently circulating in their Congress the leader being H.R 1841, The Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol Act. Which would impose all restrictions and freedoms currently given to alcohol to cannabis. Your help is needed in ensuring the passage of this bill.

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