💚 Just starting out with my CBD OIL...and my entry for the @CANNA-CURATE divider contest.💚

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This last weekend was absolutely brutal for me. I wasn't sure that I would actually see Monday. On Saturday morning...I was struck down with another acute stomach attack...and spent days in the dark just crying and fading in and out of consciousness. Not calling an ambulance could be seen as stupidity...but I have come to realize that reluctance is actually the manifestation of the physical and psychological abuse endured by so called medical professionals...and the resulting avoidance of that less than stellar treatment.

So...despite needing another visit to the emergency room...I did not end up going. My mom couldn't take me and my last experience there was traumatic...I still have the bruises. Since the symptoms were exactly the same as three weeks ago...they would have only done the same tests...or refuse treatment based on those tests. Pumping me full of morphine and sending me home solves nothing...so I just tried to do my best at home.

Using ice packs helped with the burning and the swelling...but because of my sensitivity to temperature the cold just really hurt too. I hate causing two kinds of pain just to make the first feel better. As of today...I seem to be over the worst of this attack. With every ounce of my courage and willpower draining away...I struggled to find that spark that usually gets me through times like these. Because fighting to overcome so much physical pain leaves very little room for anything else...like recharging my emotional and spiritual centers. With both depleted...it comes as no surprise that spark to keep going was missing.

I am still looking for it...

This post isn't all sad though...there is a silver lining. Thanks to the fundraiser I was able to purchase some CBD oil for pain control. My first ever batch arrived on Friday...and because of my spike in pain...the very next day I was able to truly test it out.

Although this CBD oil comes in a very pretty package and tastes amazing...it's strong! I weighed potency vs cost and apparently ended up with both. I wanted to limit myself to 16MG per day to help the long term benefits stretch...but ended up taking two doses of 25MG a few hours apart until the intense stabbing stopped and dulled to just an uncomfortable ache. The difference was very noticeable...and it was actually more effective than the last time I had morphine. My nerve pain was not touched at this dosage...but it was a big deal to minimize the worst of the stabbing and the vomiting. The rest of my weekend was still pretty terrible...but it could have been a lot worse!

And...I got some really good news today. I have an appointment with a stomach surgeon at the start of September...so the only thing that needs to be done is control the stomach pain for one more month.


As for the contest entry...I wasn't feeling well enough to make a completely new divider. I still wanted to participate anyway with an adapted version of the heart one that I currently use. I will be using this divider on all of my future cannabis related posts and welcome everyone else to do the same...if you like it too.












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Pain, is such a horrible thing. I hope you find some comfort soon. All the best. xxx000xxx

Best wishes and luck! I hope it gets better :)
The divider is great, fits well together even better than the heart :D

Yay good to hear it helped so much :D And yay for appointment with stomach surgeon! Hopefully you get lucky and they are able to juggle stuff around to move your appointment closer :)

Well wishes to you. I am happy you have something that helps your pain. 🐓🐓

You get well soon @creativesoul
Your medical problems is VERY solvable compared to mine, so sweat it out.
God Bless you.
So CBD oil is effective for pain huh? How many dosages in a bottle?


Hello...nice to hear from you. My stomach related medical problem might end up solvable later on. However...I also have another incurable neurological condition called CRPS that is very painful and terrible to live with. It ruins my quality of life much like your condition does. The CBD oil was originally meant to help with mostly just the CRPS pain...but now with my undiagnosed stomach pain it has been helping with that too. Each one of these bottles has 500MG...so you can't really go overboard with the whole thing. You could get 30 doses...or 5 doses depending on the strength that you want. Some people take 200MG and more of CBD. You should look into it for your pain.

That's fantastic!

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