Turning Steem Green!

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Raise your hand's up!

Thanks to @steemitblog, Canna-Curate will have 200,000 Steem power to up vote cannabis content here on Steem! In case you missed it, check out the announcement here, and our application for this honor here. We are very excited to throw some nice up votes for cannabis content! But it will not be limited to just cannabis. I do love to browse Steem for new comers, and if I see something interesting, I will throw an up vote.

Please make it a Steem exclusive post

This Delegation is a gift from Steemit, so it is only fair to ask for a Steem exclusive post. I always have wanted to turn Steem green, and I am very grateful for Steemit to actually take a chance, and support the cannabis community. When we first started out, we wanted to show that cannabis is far more then roach clips, and bong hits. Cannabis is medicine. Cannabis is the great equalizer. Cannabis heals!

Also put some effort into your posts!

I am not going to be judging posts on grammar, nor word count, but I do want to see some creativity. Keep in mind, the more effort you put into a post, the bigger % up vote you will receive. When you make a post from Steemit, you are using Markdown, here is a cheat sheet for Markdown code. USE IT! You may be surprised at what you can actual do with Markdown. This is our time to shine my fellow Canna Steemians!


Let's turn Steem green!

Starting May 1st, get those post's out. I want to see those grows, strain reviews, CBD, cannabis news, even if you want to speak out against cannabis, I want to see that too! Just because you have different views then me, does not mean I will shun you. Let's just call the month of May, Block Chain Cannabis Awareness month!

  • For better visabiltiy, please use the canna-curate tag



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Hit that banner, to come network, and chill with like minded people.

12.5SP - 25SP - 50SP - 100SP - 250SP - 500SP - 1000SP


yeah man rock on

Great news.... I will post some from my Freedom Dream Garden. I am mostly interested in CBD these days with a little THC .... 10:1 ratio.... the CBD helps with my anxiety and stress issues. I can write some on hemp too .... how it can save the world.


I love a 10:1 ratio of CBD to THC. My favorite edible right now is a 4:1 ratio. 20 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC.

That sounds good too .... I am definitely a CBD guy these days. Hope that's OK.

Ofcourse brother! We are all about all cannabis. All the cannabanoids, terpenes, flavonoids, flower, concentrate, edibles, topicals, etc etc lol


Yeah this really is! Thanks

I wish this was around when I was posting still. :-)

We still here bro.

Yeah one thing is cannabis people need to realize, our community is small. The other community at large do not care about anything except them. Don’t blame them. But it is up to us to make something out of this.

Smoke could of been that something, but it is deglected by the founder and It takes two weeks at least for accounts to be approved. The steam home split it split up the community and made people not care.

As of now we cash is looking decent but even that place is being ignored and we knows maybe blurt is where we should be

Hi please give info on blurt, much appreciated and thank you!

It sucks for our community. https://weedcash.network/ is rocking!

Why the division? That's what "Steem only" posting ends up being... division.

And essentially, censorship. The message is meant to be seen and heard!


ok what about this for division? "hive only"
The weed cash network switched from Steemit to Hive and as you know i was posting just about daily on the Weedcash network, Invested a decent amount of Crypto to buy 50K of Weedcash, Now i am being forced (censored) to post on Hive to use the stake of weed cash i brought with Steem?

Steemit inc, like or dislike them gave a Steemit delegation which as you know will only work on Steemit


Sounds like a mess for you and a lot of people...
Hopefully some good can still happen for those who deserve it.

A larger potential payout for exclusive content seems fair, take it or leave it - you can still double post if you like and skip a larger payout, that's not censorship, it's the free market, more rare items are often worth more.

You'll have to ask Steemit. They made the rules.

We have been gifted an account with 200kSp from Steemit to help grow our community. Asking for exclusive content is a very fair compromise.

Epic yo, More Cannabis content, Bet!

For sure, and a nice SP behind my up vote to throw some support, but most of all excitement within the community!

This is great news!
It's nice to see the cannabis community getting some resources for support.
Puff puff pass!

Thanks man! It would be an understatement to say we where not excited!

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