Canna-Curate Is Proud To Present Our Very Own Steemian @Elamental!!!!!

in canna-curate •  last year 

After a long journey @elamental finally is going to release some of his tunes tonight for everyone to hear! @canna-curate is proud to host the show on our discord server Everybody that is able to attend in person just make sure you save some stickers for everyone at @canna-curate :)


Also have a great steemit smoke out for all of us!!!! For anybody unable to attend our discord party, no worries you will be able to download a free ablum on July 10th. So give @elamental a follow to stay up to date.

Written by @jonyoudyer
Bud photo credit: @bluntsmasha
Elamental logo credit: @elamental

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I love cannabis music!! :D


I can’t wait to hear! So cool to see a fellow steemian dreams come together!


For sure! It's amazing that he just showed up a few months ago! Amazing how quickly some people can make things happen. I've been here nearly a year and haven't even made enough to replace the camera I've worn out. Hopefully it keeps sort-of-working! If not, I'll still have speakers to listen to Elemental's weed music :D

lol you potheads :-D!

Voted sharing and will be playing the live feed tonight on the discord channel listed!

Thanks for the support @canna-curate

Kindly include your invitation discord channel in your article...

Wow just saw this thanks guys! I wish I could up-vote it but it is too close to payout, much love bredrin. Check my blog to get the DL instructions for my FREE ALBUM. There is a track on there called Smoke a Big Blunt.


Keeping that steem dream alive!!! That’s one of the main reasons why canna was made👍