Passion in the underground | Krypt. New Hotspot for Cryptolovers in Vienna's 9th district

in candlelightdinner •  2 years ago  (edited)

Dear lovely Steemians!
This time a passionate post from my candlelightdinner in Viennese underground.


Krypt. is my new favorite hotspot! After a long trading day, you can relax like a cute little bat in one of those wonderful created niche chairs, chill out on the hidden strata couch or just plan your next crypto-trading strategy at dracula's table or his shuffleboards. If you're more into networking the bar offers you an exposed and splendid place for an unforgettable come together. Every wild kiss from the son of the devil, passionate moments or untold stories will come to life again.


Yes they have to extend their tea selection to become one with the atmosphere! Nevertheless, the materials gold, nutwood, marble in the center are already well harmonized. Everything a winner's heart deserves:

The circulation and dramaturgy of the cocktail bar starts at an undecorated, narrow entrance door that leads via an first basement level, containing the wardrobe and a mirrored vestibule to a „floating“ stair case, which suggests a touch of „Sunset Boulevard“. This pathway leads directly to the seven meter main bar. Several alcoves, a hidden booth, the smallest art gallery in Vienna and secret hallways surround the center piece and give the impression of a nearly surreal venue fallen out of times.




------------------- ⿻ -------------------

Yours Cryptolover Undercover locally known as sciencevienna

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I went to Vienna for first visit back in August ... wish I had seen this post beforehand to check it out!

oh woah, i love using modern society mixed in those ancient buildings with so much history.
is it seriously a spot for crypto enthusiasts? that's such a cool concept. Thanks for sharing :]

Come on, with that kind of name :P of course it's only one facet, the playroom of dracula untold is at the back

oooooph, I wish we had more playrooms in more nice looking lounges here, It's such a cool spot, I am a bit jealous to be honest :p

Wow! That’s an amazing hidaway!

Indeed and the selfmade bread is just hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

This is really an amazing place!

Yes indeed ! :)

Very unique style !

This looks brilliant. Could be a nice setting for a steemit meetup!

Oh I think we'd starve there. We deserve substance when being haunted so often by justification, headings, tags and our strive for quality content.

Looks like very cool place :)

greate photos and article. upvoted, resteemed and following you


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yeah bro, no begging.
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welcome to steemit.

ok,, Thank you for the tip

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ok.. I do Upvote alot here everyday

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wow very nice amazing post.

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