5 Star Homemade Recipes for Cancer Patients (1) Japanese Salmon Zosui

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First of all, I am not a professional cook. I am just a daughter of a Lymphoma patient. My 73-year-old mother is diagnosis Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma this summer. She just had her 3rd Chemotherapy and will have her 4th this Friday. Fortunately, her reaction after Chemo is very minor. No vomiting, good white blood count, no fever, sleep and eat well. I guess the healthy diet we try to provide her the fuel she needs to recover quickly. I tried to make her tasty food with healthy, safe ingredients from Wholefoods and Trader Joe's. I also tried to make our food on the dinner table look appealing to stimulate appetite, not only for my mother but also for the whole family.
This evening we are having Japanese Salmon Zosui- it's very similar to risotto. The major ingredients are:
Salmon fillet
Assorted mashrooms
"Dashi" stock (You can buy from a Japanese super market)
Lark or any type of natural fat

Tonight we have 6 persons coming for dinner. For preparation, bath 5 cups of rice in water and a cube of lark for at least 30 minutes. Stir fried the vegetables and add them to the rice pot, add 5 cups of water and one cup of "Dashi" stock, cook with cover for 15 minutes. After that, cover stew for another 15 minutes.
In another iron pan, add sugar, soy sauce, rice win and Mirin (Japanese sweet rice vinegar), mix and bring to boil. Rob the salmon fillets with rice wine and Mirin, garlic and cover them with starch. Cook them in the sauce until the sauce become sticky and clear.

Move the mixed rice into a clay pot, display the cooked salmon fillet on top and sprinkle some sesame and seaweed mix. It is very easy and delicious. I bet it will be one of your family's favorite dish.
Why is it good for cancer patients? During Chemotherapy, patients need lots of protein. Pumpkin is know as anti-cancer food, which has lots of Beta-carotene, fiber and low calories. Some anti-cancer mushrooms exhibit direct antiviral and tumor shrinking abilities.

I hope this will bring some excitements to your table during this difficult time. Let's have hope and be faithful, miracles will happen!