People are still in jail because of possession of Cannabis.

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1.6 million American cancer diagnoses per year.
$400,000 spent on average by these suffering people to try to stay alive.
600,000 American cancer deaths per year.

It’s bad enough that Americans are the only people in the world so weak and helpless that they allow themselves to be told not to use cancer vaccines from Cuba.

If someone you know died of lung cancer, that could have been because of political scammers from Florida, who use Cuba as an excuse to launder hundreds of millions via Radio Marti.

Even worse is that cannabis is STILL fraudulently listed as a Schedule 1 substance, supposedly with no medical use...even though GW Pharma has patents issued by the US federal government for medical uses of cannabis.

Why so many of you want more of this silly obviously corrupted “leadership” I will never understand.

The fact that MILLIONS of Americans have gone to federal prison for possession of a plant that has grown naturally for 28 million years and that 300,000 or so are STILL in federal prison for this while zero bioweapon creators have gone to jail even after three million were murdered makes me determined to do whatever I can to shrink government.