How I Breezed Through Chemotherapy By Fasting

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One of the reasons I'm steeming is to share my experience dealing with cancer, specifically squamous carcinoma of the right neck, tonsil and tongue. As I explained in my first outburst of steem, I have been dealing with this since June 2011.

I haven't "beaten" cancer yet and I'm getting a little edgy waiting for the results of my PET/CT scan scheduled for May 2. I'll know more then...

One thing I am confident of, based on my personal experience, is that fasting is a very effective way to make it through chemotherapy. I first heard about this via Dr. Nasha Winters' book: The Metabolic Approach to Cancer: Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic Diet, and Nontoxic Bio-Individualized Therapies, that she wrote with Jess Higgins Kelly. And I learned more about fasting from Herbert M. Shelton.


Believe me, I did not want to be treated with chemotherapy. From the research I had done, it seemed more like a trick than a treat. But when the cancer came back for the third time and was deemed inoperable, I had to make the hard choice to try the combination of chemotherapy and radiation; none of the alternative therapies I was trying was helping and I could barely talk or swallow. My last chemo treatment was on December 26, 2017 and my last radiation treatment was on January 4, 2018.

Disclaimers are in order: I am not a doctor nor do I have medical training and, to top it off, I am a very credulous person. Nevertheless, I believed in the validity of the knowledge I gained from studying cancer and I understood the logic of fasting. So, take my wisdom with a grain of salt...

Dr. Winters' book introduced me to the metabolic aspect of cancer cells. She summarized the
revolutionary research of Dr. Otto Warburg, which revealed that cancer cells all have one thing in common: they ferment glucose to produce energy. Normal cells utilize a much more efficient and flexible energy production method called Oxidative phosphorylation.

There are many reasons that cells revert to the crude fermentation method of energy production and the research shows that this regression, or devolution, results in a cascade of errors during cell reproduction that lead to all of the classic behaviors of cancer cells. The key point linking this discovery to fasting is that cancer cells can be targeted by starving the body of glucose. When we fast and exhaust the ready supply of glucose, our normal, healthy, cells have the ability to switch to a using keytones to produce energy rather than glucose. Cancer cells don't know how to do this and will desperately attempt to burn any glucose that is left in the system.

Dr. Winters discussed the experiences of some of her patients that fasted before and after they received chemotherapy. The idea is to signal to the body that it is time to chill out, slow down cell reproduction, and start burning fat to deliver keytones to the body. Normal cells notice the change and stop burning glucose, but cancer cells don't get the memo -- or they don't read it -- and they continue to ferment as much glucose as they can get and reproduce as rapidly as they can.

Chemotherapy kills cancerous and healthy cells alike by interfering with their reproduction by damaging the DNA. By fasting, we tell the healthy cells, "cool it", now is not the time to reproduce, meanwhile the cancer cells are still trying to reproduce as much as they can. Thus, healthy cells avoid damage from the chemotherapy drugs while cancer cells, sticking out like sore thumbs, get whacked because they are still reproducing at cancerous rates. And the added bonus of fasting is that, with nothing in your stomach, there is less stimulus for nausea.

Well, I tried it. I received three doses of Cisplatin (PLATINOL 184 mg) and I fasted for 72 hours before the chemotherapy and 24 hours after. I did take small amounts of CBD and THC oil, so my fast wasn't pure. Cannabis is known for reducing symptoms of nausea, but it's main benefit for me was to keep me calm throughout the treatment period. The combination of fasting and cannabis oil really worked for me. I had NO nausea or even a hint of it. The only side-effect I experienced from the chemotherapy was mild fatigue for one day, which occurred 4-5 days after the chemo.

I was supposed to go on a regime of 3 drugs to ward off the nausea and the nurses that were guiding me emphatically insisted that I needed to take the three medicines. I researched Dexamethasone, Compazine and Zofran and their side-effects looked very similar to those produced by radiation and chemotherapy -- so why on earth would I want to take them? I ignored the nurses' advice and did not take a single one of these pills.

By the way, I did get a taste of these drugs because they gave them to me intravenously before the chemo drugs -- I could not stop them from doing that. I was able to identify how they were affecting me, and I didn't like it. The Dexamethasone acted as a stimulant and their protocol called for me to take a dose at 8:00pm! Please understand that at that point, I had a huge tumor at the base of my tongue and sleeping was not easy in the first place (it is still a problem because of the damage to my saliva glands from the radiation), so the last thing in the world I needed was to take a stimulant before going to bed.

Compazine is an anti-psychotic medicine -- why would I want to take that, especially when I had access to cannabis oil to help calm me down?

The bottom line for me was that fasting, with the exception of a small amount of cannabis oil everyday, enabled me to sail through the three rounds of chemotherapy with no side-effects. I plan to write more about my experience with cancer, which is still ongoing, but I wanted to get this message out because it really helped me.

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Thanks for sharing Paul.


my pleasure, thanks for checking it out

Wow. Very thoughtful, Paul. Great message; very clear.

I appreciate this.


Thanks Mike!

this is so interesting!! I've heard about the benefits of CBD oil but never fasting.. wishing you the best of luck with your results on may 2 <3


Thanks freshee. It is difficult to establish cause and effect with a subjective experience, but I think the THC oil might have been the more helpful for my mental state than the CBD oil.

Thanks for taking the time to share with us Paul.

I have a family friend who used cannabis oil + vaping during her second experience of chemo and it certainly made the world of difference.

If you haven't come across it already, you'd probably really enjoy Dom D'Agostino's work regarding the Keto Diet & exogenous ketones for fighting cancer....I'm certainly no expert but it seems to tie in with the fasting. I suppose it's alot to do with the zero glucose?

I first heard Dom's work through the Tim Ferriss's a link incase you're interested.


Thanks for the tip! I am familiar with Dom D'Agostino's work... he is a dynamo. I learned a lot about hyperbaric oxygen therapy from him, especially in conjunction with ketosis and fighting cancer. He is one of the reasons I bought my own hyperbaric oxygen chamber!


Nice! Where did you score your hyperbaric chamber from?

If I was cashed up enough I'd get one of those to sleep in + cryogenic therapy unit........maybe a plunge pool & sauna too while I'm at it ;)


Hi @kapiche. I got my hyperbaric oxygen chamber from OxyHealth

I have the Solace 210 model and just noticed that it has a max atmospheric pressure of 1.3 ATA, not 1.7 ATA, as I thought and had been telling people. So it is a pretty low key unit comparatively.


Outstanding information Paul, your spirit and determination in the face of such a daunting enemy is an inspiration to all. I believe fasting is the single most powerful tool human beings have at their disposal for naturally treating an extensive list of ailments, most notably during chemotherapy and for people with type 2 diabetes. Blood sugar becomes stable and regulated by your own body and the immune system has time to catch up with our toxic lifestyles. Your relationship to food is altered for the positive, your body heals in ways you never thought possible, you are brought closer to your creator and you learn to appreciate life more. I am not a doctor and luckily I have no serious ailments, but I would still highly recommend fasting to anybody seeking to change for the better. It pleases me greatly to hear a personal account of the power of fasting as most tend to dismiss it out of hand. My mother was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and may need chemotherapy soon; I will be showing her this post for sure! Thanks and good luck to you in the future!


Thanks Brandon. I'm looking forward to your blog posts!

I have to do some soul searching to do regarding getting back on the ketogenic diet. I'm going to write a blog about this soon, but I encountered a very paradoxical situation when I finally conceded the necessity of taking the radiation and chemotherapy. For almost two months between when I realized the cancer had come back, and when I first heard about the ketogenic diet, I tried to follow it (cancer back in August, discovered Ketogenic diet in September, began radiation and chemo in November). I found the research of Dr. Otto Warburg very persuasive and it just made perfect sense to limit glucose intake to the absolute minimum to starve the cancer. Fasting was an integral part of this.

Despite my best efforts, the tumor at the base of my tongue grew 5 times bigger in the 4 months between the confirmation of my diagnosis and the beginning of radiation and chemo (August 2017 to November). I could barely talk or swallow and my weight had fallen to 135lbs (I'm 6'1"). It is hard not to blame oneself for somehow "not doing it right" when attempting to combat cancer using alternative methods and failing miserably (literally). Still, I felt confident in defending the ketogenic diet and value of establishing, in myself, a therapeutic level of ketotis when discussing my diet with the dieticians at Froedert Hospital. They had never heard of this and they were, in fact, opposed even to any consumption of anti-oxidants during treatment. They seemed mainly concerned that I did not loose weight and they advocated a diet of high caloric intake -- bring on the glucose!

Digging deeper, I found out the real reason for this is that both radiation and chemotherapy attack quickly dividing cells, so, from their "standard of care" perspective, they want you to consume lots of high calorie, glucose producing food -- this provides the cancer cells with all the fuel they can consume and thus they maintain a high level of reproduction and consequently become more visible targets for the DNA destroying action of both radiation and chemo-therapy. Paradoxically, they want the cancer to be as active as possible during treatments, which, according to their theory, will be more effective if you are consuming a high calorie/glucose diet.

I caved in a couple of weeks after starting radiation and chemo and began eating any and everything that I could get down comfortably. It typically took me 1 hour just to consume a meal. My tongue was like a numb blob and I frequently bit it severely while eating, so I became super cautious when eating. I started to gain weight again. I had been a vegetarian for 5 years and began eating meat again too.

I'm now up to 155lbs and really enjoying eating anything I want. But what if the results of my PET/CT scans on May 2 show that the cancer is still active? There are no more arrows left in the quiver, no more silver bullets left in Froedert hospital's "standard of care". I cannot get radiation to my head and neck again and chemotherapy without radiation is not recommended for me. Then what do I do? I will have no choice but to get back on the ketogenic diet. You would think that I would be doing this right now, regardless of the next round of test results. I have to seriously ponder this...

Yea man take no drugs from those murderous morons if you can help it. Do Paleo Diet check out Dr Axe

sorry I am not sure how to put link in here so hope this helps this guy knows his stuff. SHALOM ALEICHEM


Thanks again for resteeming my blogs and for the video which you nicely embedded here. I got the results from my PET/CT scan taken on May 2, and they were, per my radiation oncologist, "excellent" and "wonderful". But I'm not out of the woods yet, there is still some activity on my tongue that is "lighting up" a little bit. She says if the cancer comes back, they will do surgery -- that is the only option they have in their "standard of care". So it is up to me to do what I can to avoid that and adopting the Paleo Diet or the Ketogenic Diet would surely help. I have to psyche myself up for the challenge -- I know how hard it is to stick to the Ketogenic Diet as I tried to do it for a couple months last October - November.

Also, I am paying a price for taking the radiation and chemo. My sub-mandibular saliva glands are totally shot. The underside of my tongue dries out very quickly and interferes with my sleep (if anyone knows an effective way to keep your mouth closed while sleeping, please let me know). This lack of saliva will impact the health of my teeth and gums. Also, I have noticed subtle changes in my coordination and balance that may be due to chemo -- I know, I'm speculating -- and frequent trigger finger, especially when I try to play guitar. They say it takes 2 years to recover from radiation and chemo so maybe things will improve.

I was desperate and that is the only reason I took the radiation and chemotherapy.


Do you use oils? and check out Peach Seeds and Apricot Seeds. Have you heard of Shanghai la where people in the past live well past 100 years. Apricots and the seeds all types of tree nuts and seeds. Every couple I detox liver with milk thistle and dandelion tea real nasty taste but it works. Rarely when I drink coffee I ad oils hemp, coconut and avocado. As far as dry mouth I have the same problem I sleep with sugar free cough drop between my cheek and gum but cannabis cough drops would work much better but not legal in Mississippi. Stay strong.


Thanks for the link, I will check it out. Yes, I use Frankincense and dab it under my nose. I did try taking Laetrile or “vitamin B17”, which comes from the Apricot seed. I tried a lot of things: High dose vitamin C, low does naltraxone, coffee enemas, heavy metal detox with chelation, ketogenic diet, meditation, heart math, exercise, yoga... but apparently didn't do enough or do it right... and the cancer came back with a vengeance.