The emerging truth about the causes of cancer. Our beliefs and attitudes.

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I was recently challenged by a man who came onto a Vegan blog to say how he would continue eating processed bacon, stating I should go eat my salad and be sad etc.

I was sad, but not for the reasons that he stated.

Learn why here.


This is not about power.

This is about


Weak mindedness can cause unlearned men to speak with the judgement of ignorance.

In the real world,

I am not weak-willed.

I'm a leader and I have transformed the lives of thousands of people.

Due to this 800,000 people worldwide follow me including Harvard University professors.

Who follows you?

What good advice do you have?

How emotionally intelligent are you?


Right now.

Here's a sample of what life looks like for the man who continues down the dietary path he has been wrongly taught is good for him.

You will get diabetes.

You'll go blind in one eye.

You will lie there in surgery as they inject steroid injections directly into your eye ball, just like a horror movie.

For that entire day you will be almost completely blind.

Your partner of the time will have to drive you everywhere.

Your liver will fail, causing malaise and triggering pancreas failure.

Because you can no longer play with your children,

the woman that married you will run off with another man,

because while you thought it was forever,

love wasn't IN SICKNESS and IN HEALTH,

just in health.

You will feel lied to.

And you will be right.

For a while,

the same testosterone that caused your blind ignorance and arrogant rebuttal, will leave your body and you will become impotent.

You will lose everything that you own.

Your woman will choose another man.

Then you will remember this prideful moment in which you thought you were the smarter man,

because you could not link your dietary lifestyle to the future impacts, and to how your life would end up.

So I'll give you a gift.

I will speak to you as a charitable person, compassionately, kindly.

Because right now, you are killing yourself slowly,

and statistically speaking, I am sharing these ideas with a future cancer patient,

And that makes me sad,

for you.

It will take a major health scare to transform your self-love from the ignorance that you have now.

And that's a shame.

Because people love you.

A braver, kinder, tougher man, would do the work on himself.

A smart man, would do the research.

But a weaker man,

is unable to learn,

can not evolve or grow

and will kill himself.

The strong man lives on very well.

Since processed red meat is proven to be carcinogenic, I'm calling it as I see it.

You're a dead man walking.

Sure, no one gets out of this life alive,

but what fool would accelerate that?

Because just like Socrates cited,


Every can of coke or lemonade.

Every slice of cooked bacon.

A taste of doom.

The person who is your judge, jury and executioner was only you.

It is your judgement and your daily execution of that judgment that results in your life or death sentence.


With your self-talk and rebuttals?

If someone tried to kill you,

you would defend yourself.

But how do you defend yourself,

against yourself?

You can't.

Because you are trapped,

by your own beliefs.

If you maintain that attitude to yourself, you just murdered yourself,

mouthful by mouthful,

by what you choose to eat.

The question I have to ask,

is why would a person hurt themselves like this?

Unless they lacked self-love.

Unless they had been mislead.

Your diet is how you love yourself.

Generations have taught you poorly.

That's not your fault.

But your attitude

is your responsibility.

You will either escape the mental prison of being locked into the folly of generational thinking

and evolve your DNA

to survive by being the fittest


You will go the way of the Neanderthal.

Life or Death.

The choice is yours.

Not mine.

I walk away from this conversation having made the right choices.

You sir,

are stuck with choices.


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