Cancer Answers Explained by Dr Leonard Coldwell. The Health Revolution with Clive de Carle

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Clive de Carle speaks with Dr. Leonard Coldwell, who is an expert in cancer and stress related illnesses. He has helped save the lives of millions, I suspect. He is a prodigious author and champion for freedom. He is a former general physician, NMD, PhD, CNHP – and a leading health, motivation and success research. Dr. Coldwell serves as a consultant and trainer for many companies, organizations, medical institutions, politicians, top athletes and business executives. He is founder of the “Modern Therapy Centers” and the “Foundation for Crime and Drug Free Schools and Health for Children.” Dr. Coldwell is also President of the World Wellness Organization.

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its really informative video from Dr. Leonard
its really help full for me
thanks for sharing this post

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Thank-you Clive for doing this interview with dr Leonard Coldwell, through you and your interviews, I am getting to know better some amazing doctors and people who work in humanity's best interest. Health, a healthy body, is the most important asset we have on this Earth. Thanks for spreading awareness and for the eccelent work you do. Like your other interviews, it's a pleasure to upvote and resteem this post and video as well.