True north strong and free...kinda

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Canada the tru north strong and free.... kinda
Canada is a great nation full of great people but has burdened its self by voting in a liberal government. In Canada when i think of a liberal government i think of nazi Germany. Hitler and Trudeau jr have a lot of the same ideas. Trudeau jr wants to take firearms away from law abiding citizens even though the statistics prove that legally licensed firearm owners only acount for a point of a percentage in regards to gun related crims, yet Mr. Trudeau seems to think its is ok to paint all gun owners as criminals or as a threat to public safety. The liberal government wants to take the power away from the people and force their socialist ideology on the public. We have bias liberal universities that trample on anyone who has a different belife system and who political alignment may be different then their own, they attack free speach if you're words aren't something they agree with. I find it to be funny that liberals preech free speech but deny it to anyone that challenges their beliefs, the left will never agree with the right and the right will never agree with the left but i think one thing all canadians can agree on is that the freedom in our nation is getting more and more foggy and if we dont stand up for our basic human rights that we are all entitled to, one day we might find our selves in alot of hot water and with no way to ever take our country back. Law abiding gun owners go out do you due diligence speak to you mp's and make you voice be heard and lets not let our great white north, the tru north strong and free ever forget what it means to be free.

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