A lot can change in a week.

in canada •  10 months ago

A week ago, the temperature was -4°C, with freezing rain, mixed with wet flurries.

Last year, in my area, we had the highest amount of rainfall since they started measuring. This meant it was basically raining daily from Spring until Winter. (With a couple of beautiful days in between)

For most of us, this was simply a very long Winter. I remembered to take extra Vitamin D.

For a few of my friends, who suffer from depression, the lack of sunshine has caused them to adjust/increase their medication and many use Light Therapy to help.

This is fairly common in Northern climates. It is called "Seasonal Affective Disorder".

Well, for all my friends who need a boost of Vitamin D ...

Today, the temperature reached 20°C, with a gentle breeze and bright sunshine.

A lot can change in a week.

Never give up!!

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20! Smashing, I can't wait for the twenties!


Yeah, Ottawa's temperature drops to -40° in the Winter (for a couple of days) and usually gets up to +40°C for a couple of days in the summer. But for the most part, Spring, Summer and Fall float around 20°.

We will still get one more snowfall in May though.