Happy Canada Day 2019

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The land of :

Moose and beavers

Mounties (with beavers)



We have literally hundreds of billions of maple trees, their leaf became a symbol on our flag (and who can resist maple syrup on pancakes?)

Lakes and rivers

Over 8,500 rivers and 2 million lakes cover almost 9% of Canada's total area.

Civil rights and liberty

Liberty so so these days... Accommodation for everyone, gun control and forcing people's speech (C-16).

Universal healthcare and free public education

Higher taxes of course, someone has to pay for that! Are you taking notes American 2020 democrat candidates?

It is often said, not inaccurately, that Canadians are just Americans with public health insurance and without guns.

Where a man politely asks bears to leave his backyard

I need you guys to go, OK?
I need you guys to go.
Thank you, I got to go to work.
Hope you enjoyed my yard, have a good day.

Then the bears leave quietly without any fuss. Even the bears are polite!

Hockey and beer

Happy Canada Day, eh!

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Lol was going to post same thing.

No more maple syrup for your pancakes!

Canada is a very beautiful place and recently I read it is also voted for the most peaceful place to live. Happy Canada Day

I do not know Canada in person, only on television and here in steemit I have seen many beautiful photographs, I really want to meet her sometime, especially a park that I am in love with because of the pictures I always see here in steemit, the park is called Canadian Rockies .. Wao is a wonderful place.
Happy anniversary Canada!

Canada is a country, you don't "meet her", you "visit it".

OH excuse me, I'm Venezuelan and I use the google translator, I know Canada is a country, the translator placed the pronoun... Here it is common to say: I want to meet Canada or I want to meet France ... but I did not realize that placed the pronoun "her" instead of "it"...

Google translator is too dumb, makes wonder how a multi-billion dollar company has a shitty translator like that.

Well, I did not check, I usually have that problem with the pronouns and I correct it but this time I did not see it.

I take great offence to this post...

"It is often said, not inaccurately, that Canadians are just Americans with public health insurance and without guns."

The fuck.

It is true though. Canada is the USA's shadow, they drag us into their "coalition" wars, they take our oil... We have public health insurance and without guns.

D: y u do dis? D:

Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦
(Would be great if you take a look of my latest drawing;)

Happy day Canada. My mom likes Canada a lot, she says that when we can travel again, that is the country that is first on the list.
I really like the gif that you have at the end of your publication, how did you do it?

Thanks you. The gif was made for me by @atopy, she has a really cool drawing style. She was very active 2 years ago when I joined Steemit.

Yes, I like it, I'm going to tell my mom that I want one. Thank you.

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Happy Canada Day Sir Drakos
The Moose and Beaver are so Cute

God Bless

Happy Canad Day, @drakos. No doubt, rich history is embeded in your country and it would be nice to visit one day. God bless Canada.

I want to go to Canada one day. It looks like a lot of fun.


It's a special occasion, eh.
So we should like, dress up eh?

... the Canadian tuxedo


Follow me at @hawk1301 for pictures from Canada :)

Happy Canada day to all Canadians out there.

Happy Canada day @drakos or Belated :)
I know what it means with a Universal Health care law, we have it in my country, makes me live a day at a time :D

I think I would enjoy this country ^_^ We do also have health insurance and no guns, we are cousins ;-) ...But not that much polite, I would gladly enjoy more polite people 😃

Happy Canada Day, eh! :))
I wanted to vote for the PPP delegate, clicked on your link, entered the password, and received an eternal rotation of the icon ...

Use the SteemConnect link I put in the footer of my posts.

that's what I used...

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