The Dub-Maker 🍯

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High Everybody 😃

Today I want to share with you the dub (cannabis oil extract) making, and in particular the "Honey Bee" extraction process.

First I took some fine cut trimmings left from all the previous harvests.
Then I put them in a strainer and next put the strainer inside a glass bowl.


After through screening I've got left with some fine green powder with no stems and particularly no big plant chunks.


Now I take the powdered trimings and put them inside the "honey bee extractor" which is basicly a long plastic tube with a fine screen in one end covered by a plastic cap with 5 holes in an X shape, and on the other end there's a another, screwable plastic cap with a single a bit bigger hole (for inserting the botan gas canister tip).


I load all the powdered trimings into the extractor and covering some dinner plate with baking sheet (pargament paper).
After all is set I press the gas canister (botan lighter gas, althoug I bought a special tasteless botan gas just for this) into the single hole when the 5 holes side is facing down towards the covered plate anf let the gas flow untill the can is empty.


Then I got this yellowish evaporating liquid.






After all the botan evaporates (you can see there is no more bubbling, and the gooy material starting to harden) I scraped it with some old credit card (the ulimate use for such card 😉) and put it all in a desegnated silicone pill box.


Thank you for reading 😃

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holy shit, this is going to blow your mind i bet :)

Hey brother butan gas dub is , not healty .

You should use hair strainer , no gas , more pure .

Or use co2 .

I up vote your dub ,

Was in Kasol Parvati valley , tried it :-)

nice post

well, i dont know a lot about drugs cause i'm a good mama's boy. but you should check out my post i bet they look good on drugs:)
here one-

Looks great

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