How Is The Tent Heated?

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How Is The Tent Heated?
One of the issues that campers have the most difficulty and seek solutions for in autumn and winter months is the heating problem. In this article, we will tell you, our valued customers, how you can create a warm environment in your tent and how you can keep yourself warm. We will talk about the importance of materials such as sleeping bags and underwear and give some advice that we think is necessary for winter camp.

What Can Be Done To Keep The Tent Warm?
1- Stone Heating
Did you know that you can heat your tent with the help of stones in cold weather? All you have to do is move the heated stones inside your tent. If the heated stones are carried directly into the tent, it may melt your tent, and it will not take too long to feel the cold again with the loss of heat. There are some methods used to prevent stones from damaging your tent and heating it for longer. The most effective of these methods is to wrap the stones with aluminum foil. In this way, your stones will stay warm for 6-8 hours and will continue to warm your tent.

2- Candle Heating
This method, which is frequently used by campers and is very practical, also requires great attention. You can light a candle inside the tent to warm up, but you have to be very careful because your tent will burn if the candle falls over. When using this method, it may be a good idea to put the candles you will light, for example in a saucepan.

Another method of placing the candles protected is to cut the top of a tin can and place the candles inside. With this method, the canister will reflect heat like a reflector and provide a better heating besides providing protection.

Note: In order for this method to be used, make sure that the canister is larger than the candles and that at least one of the ventilation windows is left open.

3- Soil Heating
This method is a very old and reliable method. After determining the place where you will set up your tent, you need to light a big fire in that area. After the fire burns for a certain time, you need to cover the embers with soil and lay a cover of dry leaves on the ground. Later, you can set up your tent in this area and stay in a warm environment overnight.


4- Heating with Camping Stove
Now that we are talking about traditional methods, we can benefit from the blessings of technology. Camping stoves work in various ways, some work by burning coal or wood, others work with a cartridge. In order to be able to use wood or coal fired stoves inside the tent, the tent must have a pipe outlet, but there is no such requirement for cartridge-powered stoves.

In addition, coal-fired stoves heat the tent much better than cartridge-fired stoves. For large tents with a pipe outlet, a stove (aside from the hassle) will be a more sensible choice, on the other hand, cartridge-powered tent stoves are much more useful for small tents.

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