5 Things to Consider on Your Next Camping Trip

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Whether you’re an every weekend traveler, a retired adventure seeker, or relatively new to outdoor recreation, here are 5 key things to always keep in mind when you’re planning a trip:

  1. Hydration

This seems easy, but being properly prepared with water can be the difference between the best camping trip of your life and a weekend you’ll look back on negatively. The Base Camp Bundle golden rule is to bring 1.5x the amount you need. Going out for 2 days? Bring water for 3.

The Base Camp Bundle Original Duo set comes with a portable shower—make sure you have enough water to use it!

  1. Food Storage

Now that you’re hydrated, let’s make sure you're not hungry. Food storage is something to consider for two reasons:

It expires.

Animals love it.

Properly store your food in containers that are made to preserve it and keep the creatures away. With the Base Camp Bundle, you’re automatically equipped with cooking supplies and utensils. Make sure to bring food for meals as well as snacks.

  1. Make a List

It never hurts to figure everything out ahead of time. That's why we recommend making a list or two before every camping trip.

In your list, include everything you need to do to set up camp properly and pack up when you're done. Often, we create a list of fun things we want to do when we're out there--of course, this one's optional.

  1. Plan for Emergencies

We’re not saying anything bad is going to happen--we’ve been camping forever and never had a major issue. However, that doesn't stop us from being prepared.

Make sure you have a way to communicate if something goes wrong. Sometimes when you’re out there, cell phone service can be scarce, so try your best to keep track of any areas that have a sufficient signal.

We already know that food and water are essential, but consider this in your emergency planning as well.

The Base Camp Bundle comes equipped with an emergency medical kit and a 10-piece survival kit. Just make sure you’re considering all safety options before you set-up camp.

  1. No Trace Camping

This one’s huge. If you love camping, you love the outdoors. Let’s preserve it for years to come.

Whenever you decide to end your trip, make sure to clean up and leave your campsite the way you found it.

All you have to do is properly clean up trash, respect wildlife, and be responsible with your campfire. That easy.

Now you’re ready to get out there!

For more information on camping gear, visit https://www.basecampbundle.com/.
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