Top 15 Best 8 Person Tents For Camping in 2019

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Nothing better to disconnect from the routine, than a family experience in the midst of nature. Only with this, you will be able to replenish yourself with energy to continue the year. However, this is possible as long as you have good shelter to rest. That is why getting an 8 person tent for a large family or group, is going to be important.

So, pay close attention to the recommendations in this article, so that selecting the best 8 man tent becomes an easy task. Below are the most important criteria you should consider.

What to Look for in an 8 Person Tent


To be able to choose the size of the tent you must first know how many people are going to travel with you. This is very important to guarantee everyone sufficient space and comfort.

At this point, it is also determining how long the stay will be. The more days you spend camping, the more utensils you will need. Therefore, you must have the necessary place to keep everything inside safely.


Most family tents tend to have a rather high weight. Although they offer greater well-being, thanks to their ample compartments, it is not necessary to leave aside the practicality of their transport.

Here, depending on the type of trip you are going to make, you should consider how much weight you can carry with you. If you travel by car or go hiking. So, do not forget to see well the weight of the text you want to buy, so that loading it is not a problem.

Weather Conditions

Resistance to weather conditions is a relevant factor to know in what seasons of the year the tent will be useful. Here, there are very varied models: suitable for two, for three or even for four seasons.
In this way, the purchase decision depends a lot on the destination and the time. The impermeability, the protection against the solar rays and the stability in front of strong winds, are characteristics to consider.

Ease of Assembly

The more effort and time you need to have the tent ready, the less convenient it will be if you're looking to enjoy every minute of the trip. Then, make sure that the assembly is simple and fast.

The biggest drawback occurs when the model has a high number of pieces. In these cases, not only is it difficult to assemble, but the clearing will become a tedious task.

Finally, we must recommend you, that you assemble it for the first time in your garden, before leaving to the adventure. This will allow you not only to learn how to assemble it better but also to verify that all the elements of the tent are in good condition.

Remember all these indications before choosing your tent, and only then you can have the right space to spend your days, and shelter from the weather. Keep in mind that you cannot take it lightly, because it will be your home in your travels.

Final Tips to Keep in Mind to Choose the Right 8 Person Tent

When trying to find the best 8 person tent, here are some tips to heed.

1. What about space?

If possible, let it be for eight or more people more than those who are originally going to use it. The manufacturers always calculate them with very fair measures, and the extra space is good for storing equipment, etc.

2. It has a covering over the floor.

These tents preserve the heat better and protect more from the rain. The color of the ceiling is not a minor detail: if it is clear, it absorbs less solar radiation and therefore, its interior is less heated, but it lets in a lot of light. If it is dark it absorbs more, but if we plant it in the shade, it will be fresher and not so bright.

3. If possible, have eaves or awnings.

Currently, almost all igloo tents have it, and it is very useful to store equipment, cook, change wet clothes without entering the cabin, etc. If the eaves have a floor, better. If not, it can be done very easily.

4. The more it is fixed to the ground the better.

The stability of a tent and its resistance to the wind is given by the frame since they are the resistant structure. The aluminum frames are better than the fiberglass ones, but they only come in the high range tents, known as expedition tents.

5. Winds.

As with the frames, the more "winds" you have, the greater your stability. All must always be placed and, if necessary, you can even add some more.

6. Fabric thickness.

The thicknesses of the fabric are fundamental, especially that of the floor since it is the area most exposed to damage by footprints, stones, branches, etc. It is also important that the fabric of the passenger compartment is breathable or has cross ventilation to prevent condensation. In igloos tents, there are three types of fabrics: common nylon, aluminized nylon, and ripstop.

7. Pole material.

The system of coupling of the poles is more resistant if they are made out of high-quality materials such as steel that are inserted inside of those, that if they are plastic tubes where the ends of the poles are fitted.

8. Design.

You always have to see how the full set up model looks, instead of just the photos in the box. The ceiling must be well stretched, without wrinkles or deformations. If it is of those that fit above the pole (there are other models in which the ceiling is raised first and the cabin is hung inside) it is necessary to see that the seams imitate the shape of the tent frame and that it is not twisted.

Our List Of The Best 8 Person Tents

Now that you know a few essential tips for finding the right tent, here are our suggestions and reviews of the various family tents that you should consider getting.

best 8 person tent for camping Coleman Montana

1. Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

Price: $124
Pros: Great performance in weather resistance, and built to last, definitely will keep your peace of mind.
Cons: Very heavy and not easy to carry around if you are not using a car.

With the Coleman Montana 8 person tent you are not only well prepared for surprising weather changes but also has plenty of room for a large family. Even though this steep wall tent with about 26 kg is not for hikers, extended families with up to 8 people certainly get their money's worth here.

A tunnel construction with very steep, almost vertical side walls makes the "Montana 8" a very spacious and comfortable home tent. You can relax in this weatherproof camping fortress. A tunnel construction with very steep, almost vertical side walls makes the "Montana 8" a very spacious and comfortable home tent. You can relax in this weatherproof camping fortress.

See the Coleman Montana

best eight person tent Browning Big Horn

2. Browning Camping Big Horn 8 Man Tent

Price: $289
Pros: Great basic large tent for an 8 family group. It offers quite a comfortable experience.
Cons: Not very feature heavy and may not be suitable for longer camping trips.

Spacious but small, compact and without a lot of bells and whistles - that's the best way to describe the Browning Big horn tent. The group tent with an integrated vestibule is a good companion for small families and short tent trips. For a comfortable tent holiday, it is not an ideal foldable home. If you want something luxurious tents and are looking for comfort features, you will only get the basics at this family tent. If the tent is used exclusively for overnight stays, that is not such a big drawback. Attached to the outer tent is also the awning, which you can erect with another bow.

Especially for the stability of the awning, but also the rest of the tent you should stabilize the tent with guy lines. The 4 pockets in the inner tent prove to be very practical in order to safely stow personal belongings. The mosquito net at the entrance is also part of the basic equipment of a tent and ensures insect-free nights in nature. Two entrances in the awning also give you the opportunity to set up and use your storage space the way you want it.

See The Browning Big Horn

best 8 person tent Wenzel Klondike

3. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Price: $140
Pros: Great, spacious and comfortable design all within a reasonable price
Cons: Not as easy to set up and is not a free-standing tent.

It is a combination of elements of the dome, steep wall, and tunnel tents. Three sleeping cabins and a large lounge with a large sun tent makes camping for extended families more than comfortable. This is a mix of different tent types. Therefore, it is difficult to say whether the assembly and disassembly are actually as straightforward as the manufacturer praises it. Compared to the simple dome or tunnel tents, this model is, of course, more complex. It certainly requires more than 2 people for a hassle-free setup.

For the construction, the numerous guylines are the main element. The large base of the tent is thus extended by the guylines and makes it a very space-intensive family tent. For frequent changes of place, this giant tent is certainly not right but can make a longer holiday with the whole family a big adventure.

See The Wenzel Klondike

White Duck Outdoors Avalon

4. White Duck Outdoors Avalon Canvas Bell Tent

Price: $1170
Pros: Great design is coupled with the ultimate comfort and space.
Cons: It is very expensive, expects to pay a lot more than other tents on this list.

Especially for people who want a great looking tent, the White duck 8 person camping tent is a great camping tent. A simple clip system offers an alternative to classic fabric bottles on the flysheet, but it also has one or the other problem.

The fly-over tent must first be stretched with the aid of three parallel rod arches, erected with guy lines in all directions and thus stabilized. It does not lead the rods through eyelets in the tent fabric but hangs them with clips from the outside of the tent. It is spacious and large and is meant to be used by 8 people.

See The White Duck Outdoors Avalon

Coleman Red Canyon 8

5. Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent

Price: $109
Pros: Provides 3 rooms in a very large and livable space.
Cons: Can be a bit awkward to set up.

The Coleman 8 Person red Canyon Tent is in its basic form a dome tent with two intersecting poles that provide stability and wind resistance. The awning forms a tunnel-like porch, which remains upright through a pole bend and guylines. As with all igloo type tents, the construction is relatively simple due to the crossover linkage. Nevertheless, one should be with the assembly and dismantling for two, since it alone could become a little bit awkward. However, if you want a really fast and easy to use a tent, we would suggest getting the Coleman 8 person instant tent instead.

In this tent, the difficulty lies in the awning, which is sewn directly to the main tent. After the dome stands, a pole must be pulled through the awning, stretched and erected with guylines. With this relatively small effort, you will get yourself but a large awning and extra living space.

See The Coleman Red Canyon

Kodiak Flex-Bow

6. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Man Tent

Price: $649
Pros: Very great for space, offers a lot of vestibules and a lot of light too.
Cons: Not very portable and it can be tricky to set up at first.

A small family can sleep in this camping tent, stow away plenty of luggage and take a seat in the anteroom on camping furniture. In the vestibule can be opened both front and on the right side of the tent a generously sized entrance. One of the two entrances can also be set up as a sunshade with the included raising poles.

In addition to the 2 entrances, further light enters the vestibule through a large window. In rain or sunlight, it can also be closed from the outside by a visual screen variable. The sleeping area has, apart from the direct entrance to the living area, on the left side of the tent another entrance. Both entrances are protected from insects by mosquito nets. The sleeping tent consists of breathable material and has an additional ventilation opening on the back of the tent.

See The Kodiak Flex-Bow

Arctic Monsoon i1

7. Arctic Monsoon Starry i1 8 Person Tent

Price: $118
Pros: Excellent weather resistance for heavy rain and wind
Cons: Very heavy and may not be easily carried around.

With plenty of space, a generous tent height and many comfortable details, Arctic Monsoon can also be used for a longer camping holiday. Even when traveling beyond the warm and dry south, it is a dry fortress. For large tents, it is common that only the sleeping area has a sewed bottom. The Arctic Monsoon 8 person tent, on the other hand, has a completely sown floor, which also makes the living area into a closed space.

See The Arctic Monsoon Starry i1

AmazonBasics 8 person tent

8. AmazonBasics 8 Person Family Tent

Price: $145
Pros: A great basic tent for the average family's needs, and priced at a great competitive point too.
Cons: Not as many features such as vestibules, waterproofing, and awnings when compared to other tents.

Anyone who knows large 8 person tents knows that they have a complex structure. However, the bigger it is, the trickier it gets to get the long rods in place. A little practice and patience are only necessary to get this giant tent in position. And all the space you have at the end is a bit of sweat in the construction of a trivial matter. However, if you do not want all of that trouble and want a simple tent to set up, then the AmazonBasics 8 Person Tent is for you.

See The AmazonBasics Tent

best 8 person tent for camping NTK Laredo GT

9. NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Man Tent

Price: $154
Pros: One of the largest tents on this list, making it great for large groups.
Cons: Lots of integrated features such as awnings and nets, may be tricky to set up.

Not only a very spacious interior and many bright windows make the NTK camping tent an ideal camping tent for more than 8 people. As a refuge against insects, rainwater and dirt, the camping tent with its continuous floor pan and nets protected tent openings can certainly be called. A variable cabin layout and many windows make it a practical foldable home.

It’s completely integrated floor pan makes the camping tent an enclosed space. Together with mosquito nets at the entrances to the awning and the sleeping cabins insects do not get free entry into your tent. For example, persons in the awning may also be required to build their sleeping quarters, although the sleeping cabins are much more comfortable.

See The NTK Laredo GT

best 8 man tent Eureka Copper Canyon

10. Eureka Copper Canyon 8 Person Tent

Price: $262
Pros: Great space saving features such as small windows make the interior larger.
Cons: It lacks a vestibule.

Comfortable features must be almost completely dispensed with in this model. The only goodie is the numerous little windows, which provide not only for sunlight but also for fresh appetite. With mosquito nets and sun visors, they are equipped for every time of day.

Many windows with privacy screens and mosquito nets, the entrance leaves insects but free entry into the interior of the tent. But a lot of light comes into the tent and the ventilation works so well.

See The Eureka Copper Canyon

Springbar Highline 8

11. Springbar Highline 8 Man Tent

Price: $749
Pros: The price to performance ratio is excellent, with its quality
Cons: Again, its heaviness can make it hard to bring to the site.

The Spring Highline tent is an 8-person tent with durable poles and extra large awning. The price-performance ratio of the tent is great. Especially the awning is worth buying. The quality of the tent walls is high quality and the dome tent withstands even heavy showers.

The breathable the fabric material creates a cool interior so it is ideal for summertime camping. The material provides more insulation than synthetic material so it's also ideal for winter camping. It's truly a 4-season tent.

See The Springbar Highline

Eurohike Buckingham Elite

12. Eurohike Buckingham Elite 8 Man Tent

Price: $400
Pros: It has got many rooms that provide a lot of space
Cons: Its poles are made out of fiberglass

This family tent by Eurohike is a great camping tent combination for a total of 8 persons. In three sleeping cabins and a lounge, families have their own little foldable home.

The tent forms a dome in the middle and is extended to its sides by tunnel elements around 5 sleeping chambers. An adjustable sunroof protects the tent entrance from the sun and light rain but is not a lockable awning.

See The Eurohike Buckingham

NTK Cherokee GT 8

13. NTK Cherokee GT 8 To 9 Person Tent

Price: $219
Pros: Great ventilation means a comfortable and cool interior
Cons: There may be some rain or water leak issues.

It has a great top vent system and large mesh windows ensure a pleasant climate and excellent ventilation.

This tent has a particularly wind-stable shape and well-fixed guy lines, which are made with a winding and clamp in one piece. The outer aluminum linkage connects the inner and outer tent, allowing both to be built in one step.

See The NTK Cherokee GT

Ozark Trail 8

14. Ozark Trail 8 Person Yurt Camping Tent

Price: $146
Pros: Cheap and great for first-time campers.
Cons: The materials may not be to the best standards.

Families looking for a cheap tent to pick up or concert-goers looking for an affordable shelter will like what the Ozark Yurt Tent has to to offer. With an advertised capacity of 8 people, it has plenty of room and storage capabilities. There's a large door with 3 windows for great ventilation.

We wouldn't recommend the tent in harsh windy winter conditions but it's capable enough when it rains. The Ozark has a seam-taped rainfly to keep everyone dry and protected. The windows allow campers to keep cool on hot summer days. There's a handy hanging media sleeve to pack your tablet and a power port to run power cords into the tent for convenience. There is a mud mat to keep the interior clean. This tent is also ideal for picnics or group events.

See The Ozark Trail Yurt Camping Tent

Chinook Titan Lodge 8

15. Chinook Titan Lodge Aluminum 8 Man Tent

Price: $1319
Pros: One of the best builds and designs lead to a comfortable, spacious and durable tent.
Content: Very heavy and quite pricey to boot.

For such a pricey family tent, the interior space is very respectable. You can enter the large vestibule through two entrances, of which the side entrance has a canopy on raising poles. The main space and the seating area can be found here, the window can be closed opaque with a roller blind or otherwise ensures adequate ventilation.

There is only one sleeping compartment made of breathable polyester, the entrance of which remains insect-free thanks to mesh fabric. And it has a great interior height which makes the inside ventilation great. It may also be a heavy tent, but it is very easy to set up at first. So there you go, we hope you have found the right 8 person tent for you and your family.

See The Chinook Titan Lodge

We hope we have given you enough knowledge in choosing your next 8 person tent. This list is in no way complete but we've picked the best ones money can buy because quality and comfort is what should be in top consideration.


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