Sida "Standard"

in #camera3 years ago

The simplest scale miniature camera with a frame size of 24x24 mm.
Body - cast metal.
Lens type meniscus "Sida Optik" (configured for hyperfocal distance), F = 35 mm, relative aperture 1: 8
The shutter is a zelinzovy sector with excerpts "T" (by hand) and "M" (approximately 1/50 sec.).
The viewfinder is optical, located above the lens.
It was produced in 1936-1938 under the patent "Sida GmbH" with plastic cases of different colors in England, France, Poland and Italy.
The prototype of the children's camera "Liliput", produced in 1937-1940 at the plant "GOMZ" in Leningrad.


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