Natures beauty "Photography Of camellias Flowers"

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Native to Japan camellias now span the globe. Their contribution to gardens the world over cannot be overstated. Particularly popular on the south Asian side And some other countries , they are frequent companions to azaleas and daffodils from winter into early spring.

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Across Japan gardens are adorned with their magnificent shiny leaves and glorious flowers. Gardeners there are rewarded more and more as the years pass and their branches lift to the sky. Mt. Kasayama in Japan’s Yamaguchi prefecture is internationally renowned for its forests of Camellia Japonica. Travelers from around the world make it an annual retreat between late December and March to take in its majestic flowers. Allowed to take on their natural tree-form shape they tower over tourists dropping their flowers for eager children to collect.

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In the south Asia camellias draw enthusiasts and novices alike to take in the rapture. When all is dead in winter camellias provide the most prestigious gardens with a riot of color. As beautiful as they are camellias are not ideal cut flowers. But some proudly display them inside of their homes in shallow dishes filled with damp moss known as “floating”.

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Easily cultivated in warm moist climates their roots are demanding of rich loamy soil. Acid lovers that they are leaf litter that could go to the local landfill is best spread around them to rot. And in the age of recycling they are ideal recycles.

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