yeah, I can show you him contradicting that in response to a comment I made. just give me a minute (and if he redacted it, i'll find the previous version where he admitted it).

it says this was edited, but I can't seem to find the initial version, but that's what I saw anyway

I did see that conversation, and it is largely why I find the recent denial that there was any premining to be incorrect.

I recall linking you to a source on the initial formation of Steem(it), and that included a reset which wiped out competing mining interests, while leaving that particular party's mining efforts intact.

Due to the fact that Steem became publicly traded, I reckon that's not a good and lawful position to be in, should the SEC decide to concern themselves about it.

I just want the good features of Steemit to no longer be held back by financial shenanigans. I hope you can pull it off!

I'll be doing my best. I made good progress today, and I'll be making daily reports.