People have often said I am not good at PR, but I think I actually am. I just am not the astroturf style, I am bombast, more of a P.T. Barnum or Steve Ballmer or Linus Torvalds. I don't broke no bullshit, and I speak off the cuff, but I can be nice when I'm not dealing with bullshit. What is the words people use to describe Ballmer? Ballbreaker? This is part of how Microsoft got anywhere. If it'd just been wussy weasel Gates, Microsoft would not have been a success. It does make a small cost in displeasing those who prefer astroturfing, but look at where Ned's softly approach is getting us all.

A captain should be the saltiest dog on the ship, don't you think?

@elfspice ha-ha get some rest m8 and wake refreshed ready to accept supportive team efforts from the community.

Captains come with different skills some are good managers and others are better at combat. Either way threat management needs to be implemented as there is a perpetual "silent war" that has been waged for countless generations and continues today to feed the empire meme with a ruling class engineering civilization and scripting the policies to be enforced.

It took me a while to wake up, with all this heat, but I'm doing ok so far :)

I suspect I am more of a security/threat management leader, since after all, I came to be in this position because I saw threats to the Steem system coming from its server software, very early, almost immediately. I am definitely not so much a strategist, I am very good at browsing rather than goal-oriented activity. My cognitive profile, according to tests, is more like an average female brain, which means I have very good peripheral attention, rather than the face-front type masculine cognitive pattern. On the battlefield this would suit me to reconnaissance under cover of darkness or other distractions.