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Steemit has been a waste of my time for most of the last 4 months. Thanks to @nextgencrypto for demonstrating why, and provoking me to learn exactly how.


Congratz m8! One step closer.
I can only imagine the headache this could be giving you... currently I am pulling the Docker p2p node in hopes of figuring out how to create an account through the cli_wallet (over a month and still waiting for my wife's new account here, with no help or support from [email protected] and even having timcliff contact them for me). The pull itself is painful - waiting and waiting for the sync, watching it hang up or throw timing/size errors, etc. Who knows how long it will take, and even if I will be able to create an account using it (may need full node, which I do not have the RAM or hardware for, or may even need to clone the whole damned thing - idk).
Thank You for your time and efforts, sure hoping it "pays off" well for you and all involved.

BTW, it's not giving me a headache at all. Seeing how badly it is written makes me quite sure that Calibrae is gonna completely trounce Steemit, in both market cap and userbase. I hate to think how much they are paying the coders who write steemit - cos I wouldn't pay them for what they have done.

Over 100,000 new users here since I stepped in 2 months ago, nearing 400,000 total users soon (if not already, haven't looked in a bit); about 20-25,000 active users in any given 24 hour period (roughly 6%). This does reek of something amiss.
But you know... as long as those high-dollar self-upvotes keep working for those guys I guess the code is doing it's job.

lol. for them, yeah. But they are eroding the defence against their system becoming a clear example of a violation of securities laws the more things go along. They are trying to cheat their way to Facebook, just like Facebook cheated with help from Intelligence who immediately saw it as a way of expanding their data mining operations.

Well, you can always just use the script I just finished instead.

I doubt that you will be able to get an RPC node running without spending at least $200 on a dedicated server rent for a month or about $2000 bux on a system with 256Gb of memory (I dunno even where you buy such a thing, desktop motherboards usually top out at 64-128gb, probably need to go to specialist server suppliers for that).

If you just want to get a new account, you can always use anonsteem. Or you could ask @noganoo, at the discord, he made @calibrae using his own scripts, I'm sure he'd be happy to do it for you at cost, at least.

I am quite sure that you will feel like after all the headache it's worth just buying the account, but then again, you might learn something by trying to do it yourself. After all, Calibrae is going to be API compatible with the current state of things, and by God that API is gonna stay stable, or I will personally execute whoever tricks me into letting a merge be done that breaks the API. With a plastic spoon!

Also, it's paying off already just to see the fucktards squirm who are trying to suppress the visibility of my work. They are gonna have to do a lot to push down l0k1's reputation. None of the adversaries so far have enough rep to put a dint in this account's rep.

Time to run around the place watering plants, yet will have to look into these alternatives in a bit.
Don't think I have 2 years to let it sync....

And definitely don't want to burn up my lappy with it, pretty high system loads and seemingly only to increase....

Keeping my eyes peeled, despite what those who disagree think or try to do.

If a VPS with 50Gb memory and SSD can't sync even to 5 August in 8 days, I don't see how a laptop could manage.


Am waiting to see how this chain works.. :)

Is it possible to setup the scripts on Centos 7 dedicated cpanel server? Better to setup a new account and setup everything localy instead as root?

It runs inside a chroot, thus it requires root.

I didn't write this script to help people run steemd on a server, I did it so that developers don't have to manually futz with their terrible code. I want to get to the task of fixing that terrible code sooner rather than later. I am aiming for a public beta release on Halloween.

Steemit locked me out of making contributions like this directly to their repository because they are a bunch of nincompoops who clearly don't care about the community and are happy to run the network into the ground as fast as they can and squeeze a little more money out before they make a dust trail into the sunset as they emigrate out of the USA where probably hundreds of people will be wanting their asses laid out for what they are doing here.

If you want to have access to a platform like steemit, in the near future, the only option is going to be Calibrae. Steemit cannot possibly keep running more than 3-5 months without requiring literal supercomputers to run the RPC nodes to run the website. That's what they are building, apparently, too.

There will be nobody able to run their own nodes within 3 months, unless you have a budget well over $300/month for servers

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