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RE: Proposed changes in the Calibrae fork

in #calibrae3 years ago

Your changes seem sensible, but I'd need to know more about the original intent to be sure.

I'd also take a look at what changes the Russian fork has done (Golos?). AFAIK they have two payouts, one after 24 hrs, and one after 30 days, which makes total sense to me as most earning is usually done before 24 hrs anyway, but 7 days is far too short to be able to discover valuable stuff. Ideally I think it should be possible to earn for longer also.

Another thing to consider is built-in language support. If different languages had been properly supported the Russian fork might have been avoided.


Yeah, the language stuff - that is the fault of the total lack of localisation of Condenser, the interface. That will be high on the agenda to fix, as will amending the post data to include a language, so users can easily filter for language instead of depending on users placing a language tag like cn or ru.

Because that is interface side, that is lower in priority, however, having said that, it would be nothing at all, almost, to add 'preferred language' to the 'settings' configuration (json_data) and have that automatically place and filter for the appropriate language tag. I mean, the tags... sheesh, I remember when it was coded to search for 4 spaces and didn't collapse them automatically (I already wrote scripts that filter and alter inputs, trimming excess whitespace and double spaces, when I wrote a script to generate new passwords for users).

However, now that I have started to get the github organised, with the team starting to develop, I am going to start learning how to work with the team project management tools. This will let me lay out all the issues that need dealing with, and set them in a proper priority order.

The rewards payout scheme... I think 24 was too short, and 30 was too long. To me, 7 days is just right. However, to be able to edit posts afterwards, and to expose the edit history, that would be very useful. Also, to be able to 'renew' the post, reopening it for a new rewards vote round.

These are very good changes and suggestions, and surely will be on the list for hardforks. I may have to make the first few months of forks include a lot more of these kinds of relatively non-financial related function changes each round.

Most of the changes I have proposed in this post are actually removal of overly complex or stupid elements or bad game mechanics, or both. They will not take so long to implement as the sorts of changes you discuss and I mention here.

Thanks, you've obviously thought about these things. I agree that 30 days is too long default for payout, but that you stop earning money after 7 days is too short in my opinion. Would therefore be interesting to know how it works for Golos. To renew, is an interesting idea, I've thought that perhaps the author could choose length himself, but then he'll also control time for the curation...

BTW: Take a look at @theluke's OpenSteem if you haven't, should be relevant.

I can't figure out what opensteem is trying to do... it sounds like a standards project, which seems in-credible for a single platform...

I think renew is a logical, obvious option. You can just repost, otherwise, but the interface doesn't expose the source code easily for you, so doing this can be a pain in the ass. Like everything, that should not be, in steem.