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RE: Proposed changes in the Calibrae fork

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I just thought, when you can, it would be interesting to see what the distribution would look like after removal of the pre-mine accounts you propose.
I've always found this graphic to be a bit depressing, and wondered how much it would change.


The long tail is normal in this kind of distribution. But I'd hazard a guess that all 45 of those Legend accounts are preminers, and maybe 10 of Superheroes, and probably 20k+ of those Newbie accounts are preminer's alts.
Oh, just cover up the 'legend' part of the graph, and notice how the brackets scale out. Still about 65% is Superhero, out of superhero and lower. And the hero, same distribution.

I think that removing them will just remove that top section. That value is not real, and they won't be able to realise it, in truth. It's a typical newbie trader mistake to think you can control that much stake and milk it. If they all sold at once, the price would be under a cent.

The preminers are incompetent at managing their shit, and burn their power most especially with bad behaviour that is slowly destroying their reputation scores. They think they are being clever spamming the network with hlow reputation bots but they perhaps have not looked at the reputation calculation formulas, and the fact that they basically, work.

Right that many? If you are pushing ahead with this, you'd get the support of the wealthiest non-pre-miners I presume, as they'd become the new (albeit weaker) oligarchy?

Yeah, I know what you mean. I think the biggest problem with the reputation scores is how self-voting raises them. Take away self-voting, and it's less of an issue.

I didn't even think about how self voting boosts reputation. Now that is a clear example of a bug, if I ever saw one.

Yup, the purpose of The Purge, as I am going to call it, is precisely to propel the real stakeholders to the whale positions. They all got there mostly by risking their money for the platform, and they, also, are the ones whose assets have been stripped the most by the preminers. When The Purge is successful, and 99+% of the preminer's crap has been removed and placed into the rewards pool, and everyone has 2 weeks warning to know it's coming, so they can be on the new platform the minute it goes live, these legit whales will be distributing the premined stake back to the users. This will also further reinforce the structure against the remnant premined, laundered accounts that may remain.

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