Grade Calculator: (Notes)

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In this video I go over a tutorial on our Grade Calculator and go over how to use it as well as doing manually solving the calculations behind the calculator. The website for the Grade Calculator is as well as through the shortened URL

The Grade Calculator calculates the final exam grade needed on a course to obtain a desired overall course grade, and is very helpful as a way to bring down the stress of students worrying about their final exams. Please let us know what you think of our Grade Calculator as well as if you have any recommendations on how to make it even better!

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Grade Calculator: (Updated)

Grade Calculator (Update).jpeg

We have updated our Grade Calculator so our old tutorial video is a bit outdated.

We also changed our website from to (or you can also use the short URL version of

The Grade Calculator has two parts:

  1. If you know your Current Grade, select Yes:
    • Your current course grade is the grade you have before your final exam
  2. If you don't know your Current Grade, Select No:
    • If you have all the grades for your assignments, midterms, homework, etc., then inputting them allows our calculator to automatically your Current Grade

Bonus Part: Table and Chart of all possible Course Grades and their associated Final Exam Grades.

Part 1 Example:

The calculation follows the concept of a weighted average:

(Desired Grade)(Total Weight) = (Current Grade)(Weight of Current Grade) + (Final Grade)(Weight of Final Grade)

Now the concept of "weights" simply means how big of a chunk of the total possible grade is any given grade worth. In our case the total possible grade, or total weight, is just 100% and this is broken down into 2 parts: Course Work (which is represented by the Weight of Current Grade) and the Weight of the Final Exam. Thus we have:

Another important note is to consider percentages simply as units, just the same as inches, meters, pounds, etc., but in this case the conversion from a % to a basic number is simply dividing the percentage by 100.

Now if we solve for the Final Exam Grade, F, we get:

In obtaining the minimum possible grade, Min, we now assume that our Final Exam Grade is 0%:

For the maximum possible course grade, Max, we assume that the final exam grade is 100%, and can show that the Max is simply the Minimum plus the Weight of the Final:

Part 2 Example:

The only difference here from the earlier calculations is that instead of inputting our Current Grade or Weight of Final, they are actually automatically calculated from the scores and grades we got from the course work, midterms, tests, homework, etc.

To solve for the Weight of the Final, Wf, we need to first sum up the total Weight of the course work, WC:

To solve for the current grade, we again calculated a weighted average:

Now we can calculate the Final Exam Grade, F, needed to obtain the Desired Grade, D, the same as we did above:

The MIN and MAX are also calculated in exactly the same way:

Bonus Part: Graph and Table of all possible Course Grades and their associated Final Exam Grades:

This table and chart are calculated exactly the same way as shown above, but for all the possible Desired Grades.

I have made an Excel Sheet to show this exact calculation (You can download it, as well as these notes, in the Video Description below):

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