How to make Palestinian cake?

in #cake6 years ago

1 Kg of semolina
1 Kg flour
360 gram of butter
2 tablespoons of vanilla
2 tablespoon of yeast
1 cup of corn oil
2 cups sugar or
Milk as needed
1 spoon of anise
1 Spoon of cake spices
Sesame according to desire
1 Kilo of dates
1 Spoon of cinnamon
A little olive oil (on request)

How to prepare:
prepare the dough in the evening by mixing the semolina with flour, vanilla and yeast.
Put the corn oil and butter on it and leave it until morning.
In the morning add the anise and sesame cake spices.
Pour the milk a little with sugar and add it to the mixture and knead well.
Leave it for half an hour then cut it to small pieces.
prepare dates with cinnamon and olive oil and cut dates according to the size of the pieces of dough and fill them in any shape you want.
Bake them in a high temperature 170 degrees from the bottom and then from the top.


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