Typical Jambi Food: Gandus Cake

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Typical Jambi Food:

Gandus Cake


Jambi has many distinctive cakes. In addition to the cake padamaran, Jambi still have a cake that is not less delicious other. The cake is a Gandus cake. A gandus cake is one of the famous cakes in Jambi province. The ugly cake has a similar look to the ebi tray. The color is bright white like milk. Gandus cake made from rice flour mixture, sago flour, salt, and coconut milk.

To enrich the taste, cookie dough mixed with fine spices such as garlic, onion, and chili. A barley cake has a shape like a bowl or square box, depending on the baking pan used. The presentation of a gandus cake is usually done after watering a special topping made of roasted ebi, celery leaves, fried onions, chili slices, gilin meat, and fish abon. The taste of this Jambi cake is spicy delicious.

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