New media guy - MCSC - gets a YES from a progressive

For those of you who have realized that our national, mainstream media here in the United States is complete propoganda that cannot be trusted, I want to turn you guys on to someone else I've discovered on YouTube who is doing a good service to get the real stories, mixed with honest and educated analysis of today's political climate.

His show is called Mi Casa es Su Casa - MCSC Network w/ Niko House. He is based out of Florida, a recurring hotspot for national political battles seen as a 'purple' state, that recently had some minor wins in fighting for voting rights and election corruption. He sits in an area that needs rational voices like his to be heard over the downpour of bullshit we hear from Republicans, establishment Democrats, and mainstream narratives.

Although I don't think he is on steemit himself, I've heard him voice respect for writers such as Caitlin Johnstone and Elizabeth Lea Vos, pundits who I only became aquainted with here on steemit but who do a fabulous job of legitimizing certain decenting opinions valuable to current discourse. If your like me and you align at all with people like Lee Camp of Redacted tonight, Kyle Kulinski on Secular Talk, Jimmy Dore, or even care for more the laid-back, broad, colloquial type of political discussion that comes up on podcasts like Joe Rogan, I'd suggest you checkout MCSC on YouTube. Sometimes his videos are too long if your looking for quick tidbits or updates on a topic, but that is because he is down to earth and likes to give full analysis with enough background that folks can follow what points he makes or what topic he wants us to have a good understanding of.

He also has actively worked to help causes like Tim Canova's campaign against that evil mongrel Debbie Wasserman Schultz, so he is political activist on the ground as well, proving he has been on the right side of things and not afraid to step up where help is needed.

I attached a video he posted earlier today, where he explains what progressives should look toward now that Bernie has announced his 2020 bid for the presidency. Check him out!


Well I've kind of gotten over this guy now. No one likes or commented here so you guys must not have been impressed either. But even though I really support Tulsi Gabbard, and appreciate his spirited attitude toward helping her campaign, it's become obvious that his support of her is so feirce that he is overly emotional about her to the point of blindness. He ignores real facts if they're against her or vice versa, he ignores other stories and other candidates that deserve attention. He just gets annoying - still had a lot of air time where he isn't really saying anything but makes you focus on him in this narcisstic sort of way...I dunno but I unsubscribed for now.

He is a good guy I think with good intentions, so I will probably come back to see his videos again at some point. I do the same thing with Jimmy Dore, lol, I like that he pushes things outside of mainstream but sometimes he gets out of hand to where his comments might not be helping society as a whole so I take a break, but then I come back. Kyle Kulinski Is the only one who can go off on rants where he sounds like a squeaky liberal version of Rush Limbaugh, but I still won't unsubscribe because even when his manner get out if hand, he still sticks to facts, ALWAYS. Love Jimmy and this Niko guy for what they do, but when they get to emotional we see facts getting screwed sometimes, so, stick to Kulinski or Pakman for lefty pundits that keep themselves in check. Yee

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