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Well it looks like it's attack editorial season again, so I'm just going to write a bit about who I am and what I do in order to put everyone's mind at ease about me (or confirm all their worst suspicions, depending on where they're coming from). In any case I've acquired a lot of followers lately and I figure it's also a good idea to introduce myself in detail so people are fully aware of what I'm about and what I stand for.

I'd like to start off by publicly proclaiming that I am in fact a resident of Australia and not American so that Mueller doesn't indict me for conspiring to defraud the United States. Those thirteen Russian trolls will never face trial, but you can bet your ass my crony vassal state would ship me to the States in a heartbeat if they were asked to.

I write about US politics because that's where I reckon the head of the beast is. Australia is essentially an intelligence/military asset of the US-centralized international empire, so there's no point writing about Aussie politics if I'm interested in helping our species avoid extinction. And that's really the only reason I write.

Everything I write these days is focused on pointing to the fact that our world is becoming increasingly dominated by a sociopathic plutocracy with no loyalty to any nation or government, whose power-hungry manipulations keep marching our species toward extinction via nuclear annihilation or climate chaos. Until the people take their power away from these dangerous, exploitative warmongering elites, things are going to keep getting worse until we are at worst extinct or at best enslaved in a homogenized Orwellian dystopia where dissent is fully suppressed by AI censorship.

Since my focus is on worldwide restoration of power to ordinary people by prying it from the clutches of the oligarchs, my writings are often described as populist, and I think that's fair. I have faith that ordinary people as a collective are much better governors of the world than a few depraved elites, and I have faith that humanity can wake up enough to reclaim its power.

I believe capitalism is the underlying reason that these nationless elites have been able to so effectively seize control of the world's governments, media, militaries and infrastructure. The more you are willing to step on other people to get ahead, the easier it is to become wealthy, and the more willing you are to throw your fellow humans under the bus to exploit, manipulate, pollute, cheat, and enslave, the wealthier you can become.

This has led to a system where the wealthiest people are also the most sociopathic. It has also led to a system where money translates directly into political power, and therefore a system where we are all ruled by sociopaths. Nowhere is this more true than in the United States, which is where the nationless imperialist oligarchs focus their influence most aggressively.

In theory capitalism is fine. In practice it crushes the weakest and most disadvantaged while turning the worst among us into emperors. For this reason I am a leftist, but I am a leftist who understands that as long as unelected plutocrats control a political system, socialism cannot be possible. For this reason I focus a lot more on attacking the oligarchy than on promoting socialist policies. I start at step one.

This is why I have often promoted the idea of working with anti-establishment conservatives toward this end, since libertarians, paleocons and civic nationalists are also generally interested in ridding the world of oligarchic influence and rampant corporatist corruption, as well as senseless military interventionism and Orwellian surveillance and censorship. I get a lot of criticism from the left about this. I insist that I am correct.

Leftists call me a right-winger and a Nazi. Right-wingers call me a man hater, an Iran propagandist and a Soros shill. Centrists call me a Russian propagandist, an Assadist, and WikiLeaks asset. Really I'm just a mother doing her best to turn our species away from the omnicidal, ecocidal trajectory it appears to be travelling on.

I oppose the following:

  • Oligarchy
  • US military interventionism (all)
  • Corporate censorship
  • Government secrecy
  • US intelligence agencies (all)
  • Capitalism
  • Corruption
  • Propaganda
  • Mainstream media (all)
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, transphobia, antisemitism, bigotry in all forms
I support the following:
  • Government transparency
  • Sovereignty (personal and national)
  • Wealth redistribution and/or total redesign of the mechanics of wealth
  • Economic justice, including universal healthcare and a living wage
  • WikiLeaks
  • Feminism
  • Alternative media
  • Freedom of speech
  • Environmentalism
  • Spiritual enlightenment
  • Humans
Establishment loyalists write smear pieces about me because they can't get me fired since I'm crowd-funded and can't get me deplatformed since I don't have any platform beyond blogging and social media. Their only shot, then, is to circulate material making the general public suspicious of me so that nobody will read what I write. That doesn't really work either, though; the most prominent lefty outlet in America spent all of last July throwing smear pieces at me and it didn't even slow me down. My leftist haters are out of ammo, and my centrist and right-wing haters only help me.

I really don't think there's much left to smear me about. I've said a few things that make people uncomfortable; I don't mind Mike Cernovich retweeting my stuff, I think it's okay to ask questions about things like Seth Rich and Pizzagate, and I am absolutely certain that we are being extensively lied to by establishment media about Russia and Syria. I stand by all of the above, and if anyone has a problem with that I don't care.

I was recently accused in a Progressive Army smear piece of being a "WikiLeaks asset", which is a new one for me. This is false. I have no relationship with WikiLeaks beyond my very enthusiastic and aggressive support for the outlet. I have never received any money from any WikiLeaks affiliate that I know of, nor for that matter from the Russian, Syrian, Iranian, or North Korean governments, nor for that matter from Soros or any other plutocrat.

Every once in a while a man who raped and pervasively abused me for years makes fake accounts on Medium telling people that I am a fraud because my husband writes my articles for me. This is false. I've been very open about the fact that my husband and I have a very intense and intimate relationship and we do everything together, including working on my articles, but they are mine and I retain full authorship and editorial authority over them. We're basically the way we are on our podcast all the time; a lot of laughter, swapping of ideas, handing the laptop back and forth and coming up with witty one-liners together. It infuriates my abuser that I have a good feminist man who deeply cherishes and supports me now, and he wants people to hate me for that.

That's all I can think of as far as things people might try to smear me for in the near future. I'm sure there's stuff I'm missing, but whatever. Haters gonna hate.

Love you.

Thanks for reading! My daily articles are entirely reader-funded, so if you enjoyed this piece please consider sharing it around, liking me on Facebook, following me on Twitter, bookmarking my website, checking out my podcast, throwing some money into my hat on Patreon or Paypal, or buying my new book Woke: A Field Guide for Utopia Preppers.

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Any ideas on how to get more journalists writing (and thinking) for themselves here on steemit?

steal their tv sets , lol


Caitlin you are an amazing writer and a gift to everyone that reads your work!

'Wealth redistribution '

Just need to convince you that equal opportunity for everyone to create wealth is better then elites deciding how to redistribute it (usually amongst themselves).

I am a new follower and enjoy you articles very much.

Keep up the good work.

That's why leftists don't advocate elites redistributing wealth. We advocate a grassroots revival in American politics in which regular non-corporate-funded citizens begin taking back our government at every level and implementing policies that help one another.

Those elites are very sneaky.

History shows it is always the elites (either existing or a new class of elites) that do the redistribution.

The odds are not in the ordinary citizens favor.

Some leftists. Don't forget the rabid violent Antifa thugs, that very openly advocate violent seizure and redistribution of economic assets. I'll note that rabid neocon thugs advocate exactly the same thing, except they do it in reverse, stealing from the poor to give to the rich.

I reckon the centrist position is just don't steal. Don't care if you call it left or right. Just be honest, and that's good enough for me.

lol. Theft is legal, ethical, and even moral to the corporate centrist. It's so legal that it's considered being a "savvy businessman"... hate to begrudge them their profits and whatnot.

Seriously, centrists are perfectly cool getting robbed as long as their 401K goes up.

You're absolutely right, and clearly opposed to it, as am I.

I completely misread you. But am happy to stand with you behind my words. :-D


I just wrote an Article that belongs in this space, specially after reading your article. I think it could be usefull to you as a reference, well maybe not what i wrote, but what i wrote about.
I'm sure you can put it in words much better.


Please do not upvote this 'spam-ish' reply, i don't know an other way to get this link accross. Steemit doesn't have an option for personal/private messages.

I'll delete this post if you want, or leave it here if you want.

There is a way to communicate to a specific user on Steemit. Just send them a token amount of Steem or SBD, and leave a message in the memo.

I see this all the time as people spam their services, beg for upvotes, delegations, or follows. Sometimes people also use it to just thank folks, or other positive things, like sharing links.

Thanks, i will check that out!
If i can find it. Why havn't i noticed yet? There arn't THAT many buttons on steemit, right?

Learning all the time!

Outstanding!! This is why so many of us trust your judgment and reporting!!

It seems like any free thinking decent human being is hated by all sides of our token political spectrum. When they can’t label you into their predefined rigid caste, they hate you more than they hate their proclaimed enemies. Haters gon’ hate! Fuck em’

All I can say Caitlin is thank you and I love you!

Love you too Caitlin! Keep up the good work we are here to support you!

I aspire to being called a Wikileaks asset. Of all the accusations levelled against you this is by far the silliest - but you know those social media socialists - purity is the only way. Love your work

Your posts are extremely well written and researched. I really enjoy then and the time you invest in exposing these truths. You’re fighting the good fight and it’s appreciated! I’m in the US and I’m grateful that even in Australia there is someone like you that sees the chaos clearly.

Really awsome picture.
This is the nice one

You're singing my song, sister! Keep singing it loud and clear and I'll chirp in along with the choir as best I can.

I like that you piss everybody off! It means you are multi facetted and on your game. Nothing is just black and white.

You are areal journalist

Thanks for sharing this Caitlin, you have stated your position clearly. As a Southern (US) agrarian (think Wendell Berry) I see much common ground between us . . .

Glad that you introduced yourself.


“Alt-right” has been a confusing and often changing label, and a lot of people have been confused about the distinction, including some Trump supporters at times. I apologize for contributing to that confusion.

You're right about it changing. When the "Trump train" started rolling, alt-right was a catchall term that included White Nationalists, the New Right, the Dissident Right, the populist Right and prolly others. It's certainly not your fault that you used the term in that way, as everyone else was at the - including self-identified alt-rightists.

The term narrowed to mean White Nationalism (more or less) after the so-called Heilgate incident at Richard Spencer's 2016 NPI conference on November 21st of that year. But there was a lag effect: some of the other folks stuck with alt-right because they saw Heilgate as a spoof or a troll.

Everything I've read by you indicates you are honest, reasonable, and intelligent, which makes me suspicious of your claim to be a feminist. Andrea Dworkin was a feminist that advocated castration and invagination of all males at birth, and I doubt that's what you mean by feminist.

If you mean that sexes are different, and that's a good thing, but doesn't mean that one should be enslaved by the other, then I would call you egalitarian. Do you really endorse Andrea Dworkin?

The mind boggles.

Anyway, as I don't think you are that kind of feminist, I would point out that you can judge a man by the enemies he has, and I don't mean that in a sexist way. It's just the way it was said by the person I'm quoting, and it's no less true for women.

The enemies you have earned are a credit to you. Their attacks are endorsements.

Wear them as badges of honor, because they are.


Caitlin you rock. Thanks for all you do.

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