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CadinEx Information:

The all new revolutionary blockchain-based decentralized network which with one vision of taking Cryptocurrency into mainstream

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CadinEx Airdrop

Cadin Exchange (CADINEX) is a revolutionary blockchain based decentralized network which with one vision of taking cryptocurrency into mainstream by erecting a standard secured medium of which cryptocurrency and fiats are channeled through one another without the need for trust or third-party interference between users by providing a set of secure line
of network such as a secured escrowed P2P Bitcoin marketplace where anyone can buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily and safely with the use of their convenient payment method (Cadin Exchange) and introducing payment system (CadinPay) which will be consumerizing cryptocurrencies by enabling their use online through a virtual reloadable card and in retail Point of Sale (POS)
through a mobile app and contactless payment card and offering of an AI-based Instant Credit system (CadinCredit).

open governance:
By releasing the full-stack reference implementations as open source and open specifications, we can enable ubiquitous distribution worldwide of the Cadinex protocols and ensure the rapid expansion of the value of the Cadin Exchange Services.

The Cadin Exchange Service incentivizes participation through providing free instant virtual card to users in the initial target geography and sharing the networks revenue with entire users of the service while still reducing total usage cost of availing the platform services.

The CadinEx Ecosystem:
The Cadinex Exchange ecosystem will comprise of four distinct services/platform; Which are The Cadin P2P exchange platform (Cadinex), A Payment processing platform (CadinPay), An investment Service (Attached to CadinPay), and A Financing service (CadinCredit: will be attached to the CadiPay platform)

Read the Withpaper

The CadinEx OTC Crypto-Fiat Exchange:

This is a centralized peer to peer fiat/commodity-to-crypto exchange which eradicate the need for trust between trades partners by providing a secured escrowed P2P Bitcoin marketplace where anyone can buy and sell Bitcoin easily and safely with the use of their convenient local payment method making it easier for people even with the slightest knowledge of cryptocurrency fundamentals to access it usefulness. Learn more in the .

White Paper


All Ditails cadinEx website:


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