7 out of 10 TFL Cabinet Installers will get this wrong: Be one of the 3 Winners.

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7 out of 10 TFL Cabinet Installers will get this wrong Be one of the 3 Winners.jpg

No matter - where you are - in manufacturing or out in the field as an installer -getting Cabinets and High End Wood Products designed, built and installed on location is incredibly hard work - the hours - the travel - the juggling of schedules equipment and staff. Nothing comes close to the feeling you get - when you finish - and you hear the customer say out loud:

‘Wow doesn’t it looks terrific?’

Wood working in manufacturing or installers - are a rare breed. They are modern day craftsman and motivated, they (you) have to be - because not everyone knows that the actual woodworking is the FUN part - it is where the rubber meets the road. Manufacturers and installers spend 80% of their work dealing with the business side of things and on average about 20% of their time actually building, installing and woodworking.

We here at National Wood Products So-Cal know you are busy - and at the end of a 10 (who are we kidding?) 14 hour day - most of us still have to deal with traffic on the drive home. So yes, the very last thing you want to deal with is more - marketing promotions and time wasting sales talk. We totally agree - that is why we put together this guide.

Let us go right into what matters to you - EDGE BANDING.

If you read the headline - you read it correctly 7 out of 10 WoodWorkers (manufacturing, custom builds, and installs) miss the mark when it comes to Edge Banding. Edge Banding done poorly reminds me of my youth and all the time volunteering spent in our local church. There all the cabinets and woodwork seemed so old as to have been installed when the New Testament was written!

There are a lot of benefits to using TFL for cabinet cases. One downside with building TFL cabinets is that you end up with an unfinished TFL face on the end of the cabinet. The solution is gluing a finished face to the TFL face but, since glue doesn’t stick to TFL, there are tricks to making this work.

We get it- that is why, right now in your grubby hands - you have this- a handy five minute customer guide that gives you the answers you need when your client's questions.

1.) Rough is for Football not Banding.

After sawin, storage and shipping the edge of the TFL will be exceptionally uneven, this and any marks, ink, or other roughness will prevent the edge banding adhesive from combining properly with the TFL. To avoid loose edge banding, sand the edges of the TFL VERY smooth before you apply it.

DO NOT ROUND THE EDGES when you sand.

*Pro Tip: Wrap a sheet of sandpaper (120-grit should do) around a small block of wood and screw another scrap to it as a guide.

When the sandpaper starts showing signs of wear, remove the screw and reposition the sandpaper. After sanding, vacuum the edge to remove any dust.


Edge Banding is exceptionally easy to work with and that actually is the biggest problem people have when it comes to Edge Banding! Any amount of reasonable heat applied will secure the Edge Banding to the TFL. Despite looking good Edge Banding done with low heat will pull apart within time.

You can cover the Iron Face with Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil and safely use high heat and any decent heavy duty retail clothes Iron. While most shops have a heated edge banding tool to work with - a good portion of installers swear that a heavy duty clothes Iron will do the trick.

Oh, a word of advice DO NOT USE YOUR WIFE’S IRON!

Trust us, hot sticky glue oozing out all over your loved ones best clothes shirt is the fastest way to the dog house.


To get the best bond possible, pressure should be applied behind the iron with a block of wood and clamps. Keep applying pressure like this until the adhesive cools and hardens.
Sometimes the edges of the banding can lift slightly from the TFL. Fixing it is simple- while the adhesive is still warm use the block of wood (hold it firm at 45 degrees) and push it back into place.

4.) Snap, Crack & Pop

We suggest leaving a one inch overhang on your banding - and when the adhesive has cooled simply take a chisel and a hammer to whack it! You will see the banding snap off very easy. You can also use a sharp blade and simply slice off the overhanging banding.

5.) Trimming Tools are cheap and a great value for your Money

To get a clean and flush edge as you trim - go in one direction only. We suggest if you see the grain move in that direction only.

You can use a chisel as stated above - but they tend to leave an uneven surface that you will have to clean up later.

6.) Sand and Stain

Use a 150-grit sandpaper with a sanding block. Be sure that you keep sanding at a slight angle to ensure you smooth out the edge. Sand gently and frequently inspect the edge so you do not sand through the thin veneer on the TFL. If you are staining after your sanding go right ahead. If you have any questions feel free to call us we are here to make sure you:

Feel great about your design and manufacturing choice.
For more information about StevensWood TFL, contact us at 800-748-6194.

National Wood Products Southern California is proud to announce the new: StevensWood Textured TFL.

StevensWood only uses materials that are 100 percent recycled and recovered fiber, or GRN+ non-added formaldehyde core materials--and it's affordable, just a fraction of the cost of real wood!

National Wood Products carries a wide variety of StevensWood TFL, with two collections to serve your needs:

  • Legno Collection
  • Artika & Rain Collection

We offer a variety of panel colors and materials to custom fit your needs. Panels are produced in a full range of solid colors, patterns, and woodgrains to best economize your material costs. Available in the following sizes and thickness:

  • 4' x 6' through 5' x 10' sizes
  • 1/4" through 1 1/8" thicknesses

Introducing the Legno Collection

The Legno Collection synchronizes texture and pattern for a finished product your clients will love! It has elegant dual-sided surfaces with texture-matched grains.

Legno's true-realistic wood patterns and texture-matched grains are the ideal complement for your designs.

If you are creating the warmth of contemporary rustic, or focusing on a fresh modern style, you will surely enjoy the feel and look of our luxuriously affordable and durable wood alternative.

Legno comes with different texture families to serve your needs:

  • Walnut Pittoni
  • Mezzo Cherry
  • Trento Oak
  • Tokaj Alder
  • Walnut Tiepolo

Walnut Pittoni comes with classic wood grains coupled with an aggressive depth:

Mezzo Cherry comes with clean and modern with a fresh complementing look:

Trento Oak comes with distressed aesthetics and bold cathedrals:

Tokaj Alder comes with tighter full cathedrals, rustic yet clean:

Walnut Tiepolo comes with modern and linear, softer realistic feel:

Features and Benefits of Legno Collection

High-Impact Surfaces. You’ll be glad to know that textured TFL panels in the Legno Collection are high-impact surfaces. Ideal for countertops, post-laminating, post-form doors or tops.

Dual-Sided Textured Panels. Available in a range of thicknesses from .25" to 1.25", panel size: 5' x 8'.

Mouldings. Perfectly matches panels and doors; 2 contemporary profiles; 2.70m / 109" length.

3-Dimensional Vinyl. Matching vinyl to offer another option for doors, drawers and tops. Perfect for commercial and residential applications.

Edgebanding. Stocked in all colors; 1 complementing texture; 1mm thickness and 15/16" or 1-5/16" width.

Allegra: 5 pc doors. Decorative 45-degree rails; sleek rail profile; custom sizes available; easy to clean.

Shaker: 5 pc doors. 45-degree new shaker or 90-degree shaker; rustic rail profile; custom sizes available; easy to clean; 27 colors.

**Slab: **1 pc doors. TFL panel (3/4" thick); 1mm PVC edgebanding; custom sizes available; easy to clean; 27 colors.

Alliance: 3 pc doors. Rails + center panel (3/4" thick); 1mm PVC edgebanding; custom sizes available; easy to clean; 27 colors.

Legno Mouldings:

Legno Greenguard Compliance Certificates:

Introducing the Artika & Rain Collection

The Artika & Rain Collection provides architects and designers with opportunities to bring interior design to the next level.

Enhanced textures along with realistic and trendy patterns offer the perfect solution for the needs and lifestyles of today.

Although they are in one collection, Artika and Rain offers you two options:

  • For a wider textured look, you can use Artika.
  • For a tighter textured look, you can pick Rain.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the textures from Artika and Rain:

Features and Benefits of Artika & Rain Collection

High-Impact Surfaces. You’ll be happy to know that textured TFL panels in the Artika & Rain Collection are high-impact surfaces. Ideal for countertops, post-laminating, post-form doors or tops.

Textured Panels. Available in a range of thicknesses from .25" to 1.25". Available in widths of 4 or 5 feet and in lengths of 8 to 10 feet. Custom sizes are available.

Edgebanding. Stocked in all 20 colors; 1 complimenting texture; 1mm thickness; 15/16" or 1-5/16" width.

Mouldings. Perfectly matches panels and doors; Artika texture; 2 contemporary profiles; 2.7m / 109" length.

5pc Shaker Doors.Available in all 20 colors; 2 styles: 90-degree Shaker or 45-degree New Shaker; custom sizes available; sleek contemporary rail profiles; easy to clean.

5pc Allegra Doors. Decorative 45-degree rails; custom sizes; Artika texture; sleek rail profile; easy to clean.

What You Are Getting from StevensWood Thermofused TFL:

Appearance. StevensWood’s TFL panels deliver the design appeal that is demanded by decorative product specifiers. Today’s demanding marketplace requires aesthetic criteria and exacting design. StevensWood satisfies that need with the availability of panels with numerous solid colors, abstract patterns, surface textures, and wood grains.

Resistance to Surface Wear. The hard, durable textured TFL thermoset surface features strong resistance to scratch, stains, heat and light without loss of color or texture. StevensWood’s panels are designed to have lasting beauty.

Durability.The decorative surface of the panels are durable because of they are thermally fused to the substrate during pressing.

Ease of Fabrication. StevensWood made sure that the panels are easy to cut, drill, fasten and join, so that in-shop remanufacturing and on-site installation are fast and cost-saving.

Versatility. The wide variety of available colors, sizes and thickness allows unique possibilities in design, and offers versatility in remanufacturing products.

Strength and Stiffness. Aside from decorative products, textured panels from StevensWood are also ideal for products that require strength and rigidity, such as furniture, bookcases, cabinets, and related applications.

Economy. StevensWood made sure that you’re getting economy and durability with their panels. In fact, they are less expensive than other decorative products like H.P. laminate.

Quality..All TFL panels from StevensWood are produced according to the demanding performance criteria.

For more information about StevensWood TFL, contact us at 800-748-6194.

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